Beartooth strike direct with brand new music, “Devastation”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on March 19, 2021

Making good on the promise of “sonic devastation” the band’s first new material hits like a wrecking ball.

The assurance from Caleb Shomo of Beartooth was that the new music he was working on during the lockdown was next level heavy and if the first sample is any indicator, get ready.

Beartooth just dropped a brand new track, the first serving of new material since the band’s 2018 epic, Disease. Last year, Shomo detailed how the working process was unfolding in a discussion on Knotfest’s Mosh Talks series. Shomo shared, “Everything is amped up to 11. I am so, so pumped. Obviously, this is what you wanna think when you’re making a record, but damn, this is the best one yet. Not even close. This is the heaviest record. This is my best work – the most proud I’ve been of these songs. It’s wild. It’s some heavy-duty shit.”

Shomo was already hinting towards “Devastation” well before the track’s debut. “The whole point, for me, of this mix and the sonics of this record is as big and loud and fucking sonically devastating as I can possibly get it. So on a breakdown, for example, where on ‘Disease’ it would just be left guitar, right guitar, bass down the middle, this is literally… That little clip I posted [on Instagram ] is I think eight guitars, three bass tracks. Just experimenting – just doing dumb stoner shit and just trying my fucking best. Yeah, that’s the goal – is just sonic devastation, for sure.”

While thus far there remains further no details about a follow up record, the latest single suggests things are in the works. Hitting their socials with the new banger and the offer of “something to hold you over,” all signs point to plenty more where that came from.

In the meantime, the appropriately titled standalone single is exactly as billed, devastating. Shomo shines with a vocal delivery that transitions from violent release to a soaring chorus – its controlled chaos on the track. The track is then punctuated by the kind of breakdown that gives you goosebumps when you envision how incredible it will be to experience live.

“Devastation” from Beartooth is currently available across all DSPs – HERE. Stream the track below.

“Devastation” lyrics

Cathartic Lethargic
I’m sealed inside these walls Ecstatic
I’ve finally got it all

Feeding like a parasite
Visions from the other side
Hoping for another try
Explaining why I die

There’s something in the water
It washed away my pain
I lost all of my power
There’s nothing left to gain
It’s the energy fading away from me
Belittled Entangled
There’s nothing I can do
I’ll never be renewed
Out of time
Never gaining peace of mind

Caught without an alibi
Explaining why I die
I’ll end the same
Let time explain I’m such a waste
You will feel my pain
Devastation will reign