Bleed From Within kick off the Lamb of God global streaming event on

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Performances on September 14, 2020

Glasgow’s metal pundits showcase songs from their latest, Fracture, in one of the most anticipated streaming events of the year.

Scottish metal powerhouse Bleed From Within has received the nod to handled the opening festivities for one of the most anticipated live-metal streaming performance of the year.

Opening the first of Lamb of God’s tandem, full-album performance events, the Glasgow outfit is eager to showcase their brand of metallic combustibility on a global stage.

The pre-show performance will begin streaming on September 18th on at 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET / 9:00pm UK / 10:00pm EU and segue into the headlining performance of the self-titled album from Lamb of God.

For Bleed From Within, the opportunity to connect with fans and assert their rank among heavy music’s very best is a challenge that the band is confident they are well-equipped handle. Armed with what is being touted as their best studio effort to date in Fracture, this will be an opening set that is not to be missed.

Photo by Tom J D Armstrong

The band’s drummer Ali Richardson spoke about the platform and the high the band is currently riding.

With the release of Fracture and the slew of dates the band had planned, 2020 started with major momentum for Bleed From Within. Does this streaming event with Lamb of God kind of restore that energy?

Richardson – As soon as 2020 was confirmed as the year of our next release, we always knew it was going to be a big year for the band. Despite everything that’s going on, we are incredibly focused and passionate about the music we have created on our latest album. This support slot with Lamb Of God couldn’t have come at a better time to be honest. Old and new fans have had a chance to properly digest the new material and draw conclusions about favourite songs, most meaningful songs etc. It may not be be in the conventional sense, but we are now able to share these songs with them and enjoy them together.

This broadcast will reach a global audience. Has that reality sank in for the band yet? This one set will reach fans old and new across the globe. Does that come with any pressure?

Richardson – The set comes as part of a full show that we recorded in July. At the time, we didn’t know what would come of the footage. When we got the call about a virtual support slot to Lamb Of God, we were  honoured and, at the same time, incredibly excited because we knew we’d raised the bar with the performance. We were playing with a new found energy in front of a production that we’d only dreamt of in the past. I feel like we have delivered something special here and I can’t wait to see the response.

Photo by Tom J D Armstrong

Bleed Form Within and Whitechapel were selected for two pretty coveted opening spots for one of the biggest metal bands on the planet. How validating was that for you as an artist?

Richardson – As I mentioned before, it is an honour to be part of such a show. Not only because we have so much respect for the headliner, but also being given the opportunity to present our live show to such a big audience during a year with no gigs. We had the pleasure of playing a couple of shows with Lamb Of God in Europe last year and the guys were so welcoming. It is a pleasure to share the stage with them once more, though somewhat differently this time round.

Considering how important this event is, did the band agonize over what songs to include in your set? What was the process like of narrowing down which songs to play for this?

Richardson – It was a hard decision to make of course, but following the release of our latest album at the start of summer, we figured we’d keep it current. We chose the songs that we felt had the biggest impact visually and sonically, but also stuck to the singles that helped make our latest album our most successful yet.

This will presumably be the first time the band will get to perform selections from Fracture live for an audience. How excited is the band to finally to able to share these songs in the kind of live setting that they were intended for?

Richardson – We’ve basically been building up to this point for about 3 years. What you will see on this stream is our best performance, our biggest production, and a collection of songs that best represent our band at this point in time. We are honoured to be a part of this event and hope that the fans enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed performing.