9 Days of Knotfest - Explore Southern California landmarks for hidden passes to Knotfest LA

9 Days of Knotfest - Explore Southern California landmarks for hidden passes to Knotfest LA

- By Ramon Gonzales

For nine days unearth new clues to help you discover tickets stashed across the Southland for the return of Slipknot November 5th at Banc of California Stadium

Since 2014, Knotfest has been forever linked to Southern California. Slipknot's celebration of counter culture and outsider art may have first began in their home of Iowa, but since 2014, Knotfest has been an annual tradition for Southern California metalheads.

In the vein of beloved gatherings of previous generations like Ozzfest and the Warped Tour, Knotfest has become synonymous with the live musical landscape of Los Angeles. The congregation's history is why the move of the 2021 edition of Knotfest to Banc of California Stadium only adds to the significance of the yearly tradition.

Not only does Knotfest Los Angeles mark the beginning of a new chapter in which the festival is centered within the Los Angeles city lines proper, but it also marks Slipknot's return to Southland more than two years removed.

To further underscore the link between Knotfest and the upcoming Los Angeles edition set for November 5th, KNOTFEST is launching the 9 Days of Knotfest - a daily scavenger hunt that allows fans to explore landmarks across the Southland to unearth hidden passes to see Slipknot, Bring Me the Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Fever 333, Code Orange, Vended and special guests Cherry Bombs at the brand new Banc of California Stadium.

9 Days. 9 sets of clues. 9 destinations. 9 chances to find tickets to KNOTFEST Los Angeles.

Day 8 - November 4th, 2021 || CLUES

1. Met Charles Manson in 1961 in the Los Angeles County Jail

2. A former federal prison boxer and champion of San Quentin’s lightweight and welterweight divisions

3. Serving the HOLLYWOOD since 2016

4. In an April Fool’s Day joke, the culinary-culure outletL.A. Taco listed this as the official food of Los Angeles.

5. M A C H E T E

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