Alex Garland Goes Full A24 Horror in First Look at His New Film 'Men'

Alex Garland Goes Full A24 Horror in First Look at His New Film 'Men'

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

The mind behind 28 Days Later, Ex Machina, and Annihilation is back for fresh psychological thrills

For someone who's only directed two movies thus far, it's amazing just how profound of an impact filmmaker Alex Garland has made. Of course, Garland has been writing for decades, establishing his affinity for all things science fiction while adding dashes of serious horror throughout. After writing his 1996 novel The Beach, Garland connected with Danny Boyle, who adapted the novel to the big screen in a film version starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton.

Garland would go on to write two more films for Boyle, the landmark zombie horror 28 Days Later and outer space thriller Sunshine, before branching out with 2010's Never Let Me Go and the 2012 reboot of Judge Dredd. Two years later, Garland would officially make his directing debut with Ex Machina, a critically-acclaimed modern sci-fi masterpiece that earned distributor A24 their very first Oscar win. Garland himself was nominated for his screenplay.

The official poster for 'Men'
Courtesy of A24

His sophomore effort Annihilation was equally as brilliant, and his latest project, underrated FX on Hulu miniseries Devs, just finished up in 2020. Now Garland is back home at A24 once again, and this time, it seems like he's dropping the usual heady sci-fi for straight, objectively terrifying horror. The film is called Men, and the first trailer is filled with dread, disembodied screams, and a protagonist who may or may not be seeing things. It's sure to be a different, but likely just as rewarding of an experience as Garland's previous work.

In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, Harper (Jessie Buckley) retreats alone to the beautiful English countryside, hoping to have found a place to heal. But someone or something from the surrounding woods appears to be stalking her. What begins as simmering dread becomes a fully-formed nightmare, inhabited by her darkest memories and fears in visionary filmmaker Alex Garland's (Ex Machina, Annihilation) feverish, shape-shifting new horror film.

'Men' arrives in theaters May 20th.
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