Aussie aggressors Alpha Wolf share film documenting their 'almost' world tour

Aussie aggressors Alpha Wolf share film documenting their 'almost' world tour

- By Ramon Gonzales

Spirit Breaker: Alpha Wolf's Almost World Tour' offers a cinematic portrayal of the band's International tour that came to an abrupt halt in the wake of an unprecedented pandemic.

While there are a plethora of stories of artists that faced some insurmountable hurdles in navigating the creative course of 2020, Australia's Alpha Wolf faced the kind of interruption last year that would likely derail most other bands.

In 2019, the band drop their Fault EP and introduced themselves to a global audience that are grew consumed with the audio combustion of their groove heavy distortion. The songs were volatile, dynamic, and catapulted the band in the conversation of emerging artists that were marching aggressive music in a new, modern era.

Beginning a 100-date International trek in support of that EP, the band was confirmed to touch down in throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, China, Japan, the US, and more on a stretch that would the band to increase their reach and connect with fans across the globe. Alpha Wolf would get about three-quarters of the way through the tour before the world effectively shut down. Halting their momentum, the band returned home to reassess.

Rather than sulk, Alpha Wolf asserted true grit and pivoted from the tour bus to the recording studio - delivering their emphatic 2020 LP, a quiet place to die. Building on the strengths of Fault, the band's boisterous brand of hostility was amplified on the LP, with tracks like "Creep," "Akudama," "Bleed 4 You," and the controversial "Restricted R18+". The futuristic heft elevated Alpha Wolf from promising prospect to blue chip phenoms.

Looking back on the formative year, Alpha Wolf have unveiled a documentary film depicting their world tour that almost was. Directed by Sabian Lynch, Spirit Breaker: Alpha Wolf's Almost World Tour chronicles the band's travels and depicts the reality of a complete course change in the wake of an unprecedented pandemic.

Watch the documentary below.
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