Bandcamp Roulette: Crossover Fury From Nastika

Bandcamp Roulette: Crossover Fury From Nastika

- By Corinne Westbrook

On the Origin of Man' weaves hardcore punk and thrash with effectiveness.

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Crossover outfit Nastika are the perfect amalgamation of hardcore punk and thrash. Pulling from the past and amping up the angst, the band has unleashed a truly "nasty" record. Get your stank faces ready for this one.

Nastika is a Sanskrit word that translates to "unbeliever" or "atheist". The ideology on On The Origin of Man centers around this complete rejection of any diety in savage form. The opening melody of "Hypatia" pulls you right into a brick wall of riffs and screams. Savage with no holds barred, the opening track sets the tone of what to expect from Nastika: no mercy. "Heimat" brings in some vintage fuzz, while "Sea of Apathy" is a whirlwind of circle pit inducing shredding.

As the album traverses, there are sprinklings of melody that balance out the pummeling riffs and rhythms, and yet as it progresses it grows more savage and unhinged. Namesake track "Nastika" is one fit for flying bar chairs, breaking beer bottles, blood and leather in the pit. The build on "The Code" is a wall of death in the making. Closing track "Ex Nihil" employs more melody than any other track and almost enters post-hardcore territory, making it both danceable and crowd-killable. Whichever you choose, have fun with it.

Absolutely venomous, this debut (yes, DEBUT) from Nastika showcases a band on a solid trajectory in the crossover scene. The thrash, punk, hardcore and even death metal elements interplay well with nothing overstaying its welcome. No frills or fluff, On The Origins of Man deserves repeated listens.

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