Celebrate Halloween with an exclusive Knotfest broadcast of the Corey Taylor Edition of horror documentary, 'In Search of Darkness'

Celebrate Halloween with an exclusive Knotfest broadcast of the Corey Taylor Edition of horror documentary, 'In Search of Darkness'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The comprehensive 80's horror documentary streams on Knotfest.com on October 30th and segues into the release of the sequel 'In Search of Darkness II'

The Knotfest Streaming Concert Series is taking a bit of a departure from it's traditional programming to stream a very special broadcast of the one-of-a-kind horror cinema documentary, In Search of Darkness.

The comprehensive film focuses specifically on the 1980's and a decade that has long been regarded as transformative to the genre. Directed by David A. Weiner, the film's collection of contributors features the likes of John Carpenter, Joe Dante (Gremlins), Don Mancini (Chilld's Play), Greg Nicotero, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Nick Castle ('Michael Myers' in Halloween), Doug Bradley ('Pinhead' in Hellraiser), and many more.

Pooling first-hand accounts and testimonials from the people that were intimately involved with the films, characters, and visuals, that anchored the era, 'In Search of Darkness' has earned unanimous critical praise for it's expansive look at the genre and has resonated with fans as an essential addition to the collection of cult classics.

Initially becoming involved with the project as a contributor to the online crowdsourcing campaign, Slipknot frontman and well-establish horror aficionado Corey Taylor, has since become an integral part of the film. Offering his unique insight on the influential dynamic of the decade, Taylor's knowledge and enthusiasm for the art offers a fans' vantage point to compliment that of the categories most respected contributors.

To watch In Search of Darkness for the KNOTFEST streaming event on October 30th fans will need to sign-up to receive a free streaming link - HERE

Watch the trailer for In Search of Darkness below.


The special Knotfest streaming event segues into the release of the sequel to In Search of Darkness and the special Corey Taylor edition of the film. The second offering of the documentary resumes the exploration with new interviews from Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), special effects master Tom Savini, Nancy Allen (Dressed to Kill, Poltergeist III), Linnea Quigley (The Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons), and Geretta Gerretta (Demons, Shocking Dark), among many others.

The second film also features an exclusive Corey Taylor mini-documentary where the veteran musician weighs in on his favorite flicks of the era and why the genre remains so near and dear to him. The bonus material is available with the collector’s edition of In Search of Darkness II and includes a variety of extras ranging from limited edition film posters, a 16-page booklet, an enamel pin, the film's soundtrack - fans can even secure their name in the credits.

Fans that opt for the collector’s edition will also get 12-months worth of access to the film’s COMMUNITY online portal stacked with 60+ hours of entertainment and regularly scheduled watch parties with the genre’s biggest, most respected names.

The Corey Taylor Collector’s Edition of In Search of Darkness II is available at 80sHorrorDoc.com

Watch the trailer below.

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