Chucky' Returns for a Second Vengeful Season This October

Chucky' Returns for a Second Vengeful Season This October

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

Season 2 picks up right after the first one, with the evil doll on a quest for revenge

Last year, horror’s favorite murderous doll made a faithful return to the genre with a critically acclaimed television series. Voiced by his longtime performer Brad Dourif, the one and only Chucky once again rose from the dead thanks to franchise creator Don Mancini. The show, a collaboration between USA and SYFY, dug deep into Chucky’s past and his mysterious origins in a way not seen before. It also, of course, provided plenty of gruesome and gory deaths for fans to sink their teeth into.

The first season followed a 14 year-old artist named Jake (Zackary Arthur) who’s grappling with the death of his mother as well as merciless bullying at school. He finds Chucky at a yard sale with the intent to use parts of him for a sculpture, and the quaint American town Jake lives in is thrown into chaos after a series of horrifying murders begin to expose the town’s deep hypocrisies and hidden secrets.

Season 2 will premiere just in time for Halloween this year, kicking off October in exactly the right way. Following the events of the last season’s finale, Chucky is now hellbent on continuing his deadly schemes with a newfound lust for vengeance.

“After his plan was foiled in season one, Chucky now seeks revenge on those he holds responsible: Jake, Devon and Lexy, along with his ex Tiffany, now his sworn enemy.” Check out the brief teaser below.

‘Chucky (Season 2)’ premieres October 5th on SYFY & USA.
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