Clown digs into new music, touring post- Covid, and the success of Clown Cannabis in his recent feature in Forbes

Clown digs into new music, touring post- Covid, and the success of Clown Cannabis in his recent feature in Forbes

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band's creative architect details the progress on the new record, his personal revelation with THC, and the excitement of the next chapter for Slipknot.

With the news of Slipknot returning to the studio to work on the highly-anticipated follow up to We Are Not Your Kind, in addition to the announcement of the band's live return with Knotfest Roadshow, Knotfest LA, and grand homecoming of Knotfest Iowa, the universe of the Knot has been abuzz.

In a recent feature via Forbes, the band's creative architect in clown, offered a lengthy discussion about all things Slipknot and even offered some insight to his own projects including the successful launch of Clown Cannabis.

Speaking on the anticipation and excitement of getting back to the business of dominating stages, clown shared that the band always had a timeline in mind and while Covid cut the WANYK touring cycle short, the Fall of 2021 was always the target date to get back into the groove. As for what that live return will be like, clown shared that he foresees it being an emotional experience - culminating with Corey being "choked up and in tears" to be back in front of the band's community - all partaking in the event that is a Slipknot live show.

Clown also discussed ow Knotfest as a cultural gathering has continued to evolve over the years. He detailed the significance of the Knotfest Museum and shared how that element not only nurtures the collector in him, but also gives fans the ability to experience something tangible as it pertains to the band. Clown explained, "When you can see something in 3D and smell it, hold it, touch it, then you go to that very linear album cover that’s black and where you used your imagination, and now you can go to all of these parallel lines."

The conversation also included clown's personal mission at the root of his recent Clown Cannabis launch. Confiding the he had a family member that struggled with alcoholism, the idea of medicating with alcohol versus medicating with THC, became something that resonated with clown. Giving people an option, an alternative for pain management of all types, is what drew clown to the benefits of the flower.

Though careful to not divulge too much information, clown also shared what the working atmosphere has been like in the studio as the band continues their creative process for what will be the next Slipknot album. Addressing everything from recording with Covid protocol, to the mindset that goes into developing album art, the band's masks, and the beginning of Slipknot's next chapter, the feature provides a first-person perspective into the genre's most engaging collectives.

Read the complete interview with clown and Slipknot manager Cory Brennan - HERE

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