clown unveils first in 'My Legacy' NFT series with the ultimate IRL Slipknot collectors item

clown unveils first in 'My Legacy' NFT series with the ultimate IRL Slipknot collectors item

- By Ramon Gonzales

"The Clown's Monarchs" is now up for auction and includes a one-time physical redemption of clown's actual stage-worn mask and uniform.

Around this same time last year, Slipknot percussionist and driving creative presence, clown, launched his first NFT with a special edition, one-of-one drop of his Electric Theater NFT. The art featured a depiction of WANYK-era number 6 with insects flying out of his mouth.

The minted exclusive was auctioned off, along with original audio paired with the art and was retired from any future use, making the NFT an especially big get for the passionate collector.

The launch of the initial NFT effort has segued into the next phase of clown’s exploration into the space of Web3, crypto and NFTs. Earlier this month, clown announced the release of his series of NFTs dubbed, My Legacy.

In a video shared to his social media, stirring footage of the clown from various chapters of his tenure in Slipknot was coupled with an explanation of passion behind his pursuit to move the culture forward in such a progressive, boundary-flouting direction.

Now, clown is unveiling the first NFT in his My Legacy series with the arrival of "The Clown's Monarchs". The artwork includes a stylishly haunting depiction of clown surrounded by butterflies and whited-out eyes. Coupled with the NFTs original music, the piece is as engaging as it is eerie.

In his own words, clown better details the roadmap moving forward, the real-world applications of the digital initiative. clown explains his motivation for venturing into the uncharted waters of Web3 and how community and culture continue to remain core when it comes to anything linked to Slipknot.

"I love my fans, and I love Slipknot. I’ve been blessed to accomplish many things in my career, and this new way of thinking, creating, and connecting in Web3 will allow me to transfer my possessions to the hands of our community."

He adds, "I’ve strived to relinquish comfort for the sake of pushing boundaries, which is reflected in my life, my art, and in you - the culture we’ve created together. I do hope you can keep an open mind, and understand the deeper connection I have with this technology and the inspiration it’s provided for connecting my future with our past. Like the very nature of Slipknot, this is a leap of faith into a whole other world, and I will continue to learn, grow, and adapt in this world alongside you all each and every day."

clown punctuates introduction, "I’m very excited to reveal “The Clown’s Monarchs”. This is the first digital collectible in a series called 'My Legacy', available for auction now through Friday, May 6th at 5pm NY / 2pm LA / 11pm EU / 10pm UK. A portion of proceeds to be donated to non-profit organization."

The owner of this 1/1 digital collectible will be given a one-time physical redemption of the following items:

• A one-time physical redemption of clown's stage-worn attire

• 1 Pair of Front Row VIP Packages to any Slipknot headline show May 18, 2022 through December 31, 2023 (exclusions may apply)


• 1 Iconic Red clown Mask

• 1 Blazer

• 1 Button Up

• 1 Pair of Pants

• 1 Belt

• 1 Pair of Gloves

• 1 Pair of Shoes

• 1 Pair of Gucci Socks

• 1 Pair of Jerry Harvey Custom In-Ears

For more information and to participate in the auction visit -

Join the Knotverse discord - HERE

Explore the Knotverse - HERE

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