Corey Taylor delivers his essential list of horror films

Corey Taylor delivers his essential list of horror films

- By Ramon Gonzales

Tis the season for sinister streaming and horror enthusiast, Corey Taylor, has shared his list of 10 go-to flicks that are among his very favorite.

Corey Taylor's affinity for the horror genre of film has been a well-documented part of is artistic identity.

More than just a casual fan, Taylor's love for classic horror films has become a passion, so much in fact that he became involved in the 80's horror film documentary, In Search of Darkness.

During his recent appearance on SYFY's #MetalCrushMonday series, Taylor discussed how the genre immediately appealed to him at just five years old. Watching the trailer for John Carpenter's Halloween, the impressionable Taylor would fall in love with the genre and ultimately begin a creative path that bridged his musical vision and film esthetic in extraordinary ways.

With the Halloween season now in full swing, Taylor provided his list of essentials from the genre that have made a lasting impact. The collection functions like curriculum for those hoping to gain a fundamental understanding the films that helped shaped the category.

Check out Corey Taylor's 10 essential horror flicks and start streaming.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Taylor - I love this movie, AND it’s sequel. Tobe Hooper will always be one of my favorite directors and this movie tells you why. Long Live Leatherface.

Exorcist 3

Taylor. - This movie is such a sleeper. George C Scott, Nicol Williamson and co deliver a chilling thriller. And one of THE best jump scares EVER.

Dawn of the Dead

Taylor - The remake is okay, but the original is so smart and cool. The effects are killer and the social commentary is phenomenal.

Lost Boys

Taylor - Lord of the Flies meets Anne Rice. I wanted to be a vampire so bad after this movie. To this day, one of the best.

Trick or Treat (1986)

Taylor - My nickname when I was 13 was Curr because of this movie. Semi-cheesy, but LOADED with rock and metal imagery. And the soundtrack is SO good.

Horror of Dracula (Hammer, 1958)

Taylor - In the beginning, Hammer was groundbreaking. Christopher Lee is THE ultimate Dracula. Still holds up 62 years later.


Taylor - As good as the first one is, the sequel is everything and more. Knowing how they made is on a shoestring only enhances just how AWESOME it is. And Sigourney is the ultimate bad ass.

From Dusk Til Dawn

Taylor - It’s the prototypical mashup horror movie: horror, gore, drama, action, comedy, etc. Great cast, great story.

John Carpenter’s The Thing

Taylor - Probably one of THE best remakes of all time. Set the bar for practical effects. Set the tone for tense horror ensembles. It’s amazing.

John Carpenter’s Halloween

Taylor - The OG. The Grand Daddy. If you have to ask why, you’ve never seen it. It’s beautiful.
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