Corey Taylor revives storied horror brand Famous Monsters of Filmland with plans for movies, magazines, collectibles, conventions and more

Corey Taylor revives storied horror brand Famous Monsters of Filmland with plans for movies, magazines, collectibles, conventions and more

- By Ramon Gonzales

The relaunch of the influential publication includes ambitious plans to create a horror culture hub with Taylor and fellow enthusiast Eben McGarr at the helm.

Rooted in the creative DNA of Corey Taylor is a lifelong affinity for all things horror. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Slipknot frontman recounted a formative life event, detailing a trip to the movies to see Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

While Taylor was at a loss in recalling anything memorable from the film, what he did remember, in great detail, was the trailer for John Carpenter's era-defining horror classic, Halloween, that played before it. The experience proved definitive for Taylor - steering him towards the darker side of the pop culture spectrum.

From comics to music, television to film, Taylor's infatuation with all things horror would develop into an all-consuming passion, further nurtured by his continued consumption of everything he could get his hands on.

Raised on a cinematic diet consisting of iconic 80's slashers and cult-favorite b-movies, Taylor's wealth of knowledge has since been sourced as an educated authority. Participating in all three installments of the documentary deep dive In Search Of Darkness, Taylor's evolution within the space of the genre remains an integral component to his creative success.

In what serves as a full circle moment for the multi-hyphenate, Taylor's pursuit in championing the culture of horror just notched an important milestone. Acquiring the rights to the Famous Monsters brand, Taylor is set to relaunch the Famous Monsters of Filmland publication that served as an influential precursor to Cinefantastique, Fangoria and The Monster Times. The fanzine has been cited as an enduring creative inspiration with the likes of Stephen King and punk icons Misfits hailing the work of original publisher James Warren and editor Forrest J Ackerman as essential.

The acquisition for Taylor is coupled with ambitious plans for the banner. Teaming with filmmaker, Mad Monster Magazine owner and fellow Monster Kid Eben McGarr, the duo intend to fully develop the brand as a cultural nexus with collectibles, fan conventions and even feature films all being launched under the Famous Monsters label. In addition to modernizing the publication, Taylor and McGarr continue to pay tribute to the original vision of Warren and Ackerman by digitizing the entire archive of issues and making them available for fans for free. The inaugural issue from February 1958 is currently available - HERE

Roped into the massive overhaul of the brand, Taylor has also acquired the merchandising arm of Famous Monsters, Captain Company. This will serve as the retail vehicle to fully realize the collectible component of the project. With a plan of producing various toys and collectibles under the same umbrella, the effort loans itself to authenticity - a project helmed for collectors, by collectors.

Lastly, the Famous Monsters endeavor will provide a unique platform for Corey Taylor as a burgeoning filmmaker. In the previously mentioned Rolling Stone feature, Taylor detailed how the brand will be linked with his ongoing cinematic efforts “I’ve been writing my own scripts now for the last five, six years. And I’m trying to get some of my stuff into production right now,” Taylor says. “There’s a handful that are very, very close. So anything that I put out is instantly going to get the Famous Monsters logo on it, just to build that brand recognition.”

Spanning from fan-driven conventions to horror-themed destination cruises, from bi-annual publications to genre-specific production studios - the legacy of Famous Monsters that began in 1958 is set to begin an important new era. With the OG Monster Kids at the helm, the future of FM looks bright.

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