Corey Taylor shares his history with Anthrax and the inspiration behind his chapter in the 'Among the Living' graphic novel

Corey Taylor shares his history with Anthrax and the inspiration behind his chapter in the 'Among the Living' graphic novel

- By Ramon Gonzales

The frontman joins the likes of Greg Nicotero, Rob Zombie, Brian Posehn, Rick Remender, Joe Trohman, and Gerard & Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance for the published work that pays tribute to Anthrax's seminal 1987 album.

The long-awaited arrival of Anthrax's collaborative graphic novel with Z2 Comics in 'Among The Living' is finally here and among the many esteemed contributors to the project, Slipknot, Stone Sour, and now established solo artist Corey Taylor is going on record to share what inspired his chapter for the project in 'A Skeleton In the Closet".

Speaking exclusively with Heavy Consequence, the heavy culture renaissance man shared how his love of comic books and graphic novels, dates back to his formative years when every house in the 70's seemed to have a stack of ratty comics right next to the magazines.

While Taylor's interest may have waned as music took more of his creative focus, the frontman confides that in his early twenties he rediscovered the medium all over again and really became invested in the writers rather than the publishing houses. Though Taylor rattled off an essential list of publishers, both big and small, he underscored the importance of Garth Ennis and his Preacher comics. Taylor said that the dark nature of that particular series really proved to be a game changer for him in the kind of dark thematic terrain comics could actually tap into.

Taylor's chapter in the 'Among The Living' joint project with Anthrax isn't his first foray into the universe of narrative illustration. Taylor earned the recognition and respect of the industry when he launched the House of Gold & Bones comic book for his band Stone Sour. His creative pedigree made him a no brainer for the Anthrax project but even more so, there is a story between the Great Big Mouth and the New York thrash pillars.

During his feature interview with Heavy Consequence, Taylor shared the details of his brief stint as the singer for Anthrax while the band was in between vocalists. While the universe and the professional obligations ultimately squashed the potential pairing that would've seen Taylor front the band for real, Taylor confided that some of the lyrics he penned as potential tracks for an Anthrax record managed to be a perfect fit for what would eventually become Slipknot's All Hope Is Gone.

As for Taylor's headspace when it came time to put pen to paper for his portion of 'Among The Living,' he shares that the song in 'A Skeleton In the Closet" has always stuck with him on a very personal level. He tells Consequence, “The thing I loved about that song and I loved about that title, ever since I was a kid, is that it resonated with me on a level where everyone has skeletons in their closet. … Once I started thinking about that, I took it in a weird supernatural vibe.”

Anthrax and Z2 Comics 'Among The Living' graphic novel is currently available via Z2 Comics direct - HERE. Starting July 7th fans can find copies at local retailers and comic book stores. Watch the complete interview with Corey Taylor via Heavy Consequence below.

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