Crushable Cans: The return of the Knotfest Beer Pit

Crushable Cans: The return of the Knotfest Beer Pit

- By Ramon Gonzales

Curated by RRBG host Eddy Torres, the February installment features offerings inspired by Deftones, Municipal Waste and a tribute to the legendary CBGB's.

The carefully curated collection of craft beer that intersects with heavy music in the Knotfest Beer Pit is officially back with its first offering of 2022.

Enlisting the palette of RRBG (Rock N Roll Beer Guy) podcast host Eddy Torres to steer the direction of the February beer box, the cans in the curated package run the gamut of styles from a lush brown ale, a killer couple of pale ales and a witte that is ideal for a sipper or the occasional parking lot shotgun.

The collection includes one of the Deftones collaboration beers that was resurrected as a cult favorite. Also in the fold, a double dry-hopped pale ale that pays homage to the iconic punk and hardcore venue in New York's CBGB's. There is also Belgian-style witte that takes cues from Municipal Waste drummer Dave Witte (duh) that is both and easy drinker and a heavy hitter at the same damn time.

The most recent entry of the Knotfest Beer Pit comes in both 4-packs and 8-packs (2 of each beer) and only a limited quantity of the collection is available - so get a move on it.

Let's get to the goods. In the words of our esteemed February curator Eddy Torres from the RRBG Podcast - here is the beer.

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