Dallas transitional LGBTQ youth home will be named in honor of Power Trip frontman Riley Gale

Dallas transitional LGBTQ youth home will be named in honor of Power Trip frontman Riley Gale

- By Ramon Gonzales

The outpouring of support from Power Trip fans and the metal community in the wake of Gale's passing resulted in Dallas Hope Charities being able to build a new home for transitional LGBTQ youth

Following the tragic loss of one of metal music's most engaging, intriguing, and articulate frontmen, Riley Gale is being memorialized in a very incredible way.

Back in August when the world received the news of Gale's passing, the band issued a statement in which they called for fans and supporters to make a donation to Dallas Hope Charities in lieu of flowers on Riley's behalf.

The non-profit was an organization that was especially important to Gale as he would regularly encourage the organization to establish a presence at Power trip shows and even went so far as to donate a portion of ticket proceeds to DHC.

Following his tragic passing, the outpour of support was such that the organization has been able to secure new property that will help accommodate transitional LGBTQ youth in the Dallas area. The new location will accommodate eight persons between the age of 18-24. All this was the result of the call to action issued by the band on Gale's behalf.

“We had no idea what that would result in, but the metal, thrasher community is like the most giving, generous, connected — it’s crazy just the people that have come together,” says Dallas Hope Charities CEO Evie Scrivner.

"Gale’s legacy helped fast-track the ability for the charity to purchase a new property," Scrivner says.

The news of the memorial broke via a report in the Dallas Observer. In the report, the band's guitarist Blake Ibanez discussed how important this effort was to Gale and what how this is indicative of the legacy he leaves behind. “I think he saw that as a big benefit to who he was, was being able to create things like that,” he says. “Not everybody can just be a part of something — whether it’s a band or whatever — and be able to raise money on a dime for people that need it, those groups of people that need that type of help.”

In addition to the home being named after Gale, there will also be a library at the location that will be named after the frontman as well. The Gale family will be donating Gale's collection of books to stock the shelves and again add to the his legacy of community, activism, and education. There will be a an official ribbon cutting ceremony on December 1st.

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