Deftones & Belching Beaver Brewery unveil collaborative 'Ohms' Pale Ale

Deftones & Belching Beaver Brewery unveil collaborative 'Ohms' Pale Ale

- By Ramon Gonzales

The latest in the series of collaboration beers continues a partnership five years strong and celebrates the band's latest album, 'Ohms'.

While there are no shortage of collaboration beers on the market, few have the kind of longevity that has been established in the partnership between Deftones and San Diego-based Belching Beaver Brewery.

For the last five years, the creative marriage has fruited a series of beers that have covered a wide spectrum of styles ranging from the band's tropical POG IPA in "Swerve City", a bold brown ale in "Good Morning Beautiful", and a crisp Mexican lager in "Dis De Los Deftones".

While the seasonal variety continues to showcase the evolution of the shared passion for music and beer, the brewery has also made their first collaborative project an staple of the permanent core offering. Phantom Bride IPA packs Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops into a recipe that has stood the test of time - as the beer has been continuously available from the very beginning the project.

'Ohms' Pale Ale from Deftones x Belching Beaver Brewery

Adding to the collection of collaboration beers, Deftones and Belching Beaver are celebrating the band's most recent, universally-lauded LP, Ohms, with the limited release of their 'Ohms' Pale Ale.

“Ohms continues our exploration in diverse flavor profiles across our collection of beers,” said Deftones' frontman Chino Moreno. “The Belching Beaver team is constantly looking to elevate and evolve – a philosophy that we practice in all aspects of Deftones. We’re really excited for everyone to try the newest addition to the family.”

What has arguably made the project have such longevity is the quality of the juice. Not content to just slap their name on something and run to market, each beer that has surfaced from the joint effort has had it's own unique identity, with the kind of quality that showed both parties involved really give a shit.

Rick Blankemeier from Belching Beaver Brewery offered some insight as to what fans can expect when they crack a can.“There’s a ton of lemon peel and grapefruit aromas, along with a generous pineapple note. The flavors blend the citrus notes with some light pine to give a more nuanced and complex tableau that isn’t found in a lot of pale ales. The finish is nice, light, and refreshing. Hands down, one of the best thirst quenching and yet flavorful beers we’ve ever brewed for you all.”

'Ohms' Pale Ale ships out to retailers in select U.S. states via 16-ounce can four-packs on February 1. Visit Belching Beaver Brewery online for more information.

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