Director Danny Boyle revisits the upheaval of UK punk in the trailer for the Sex Pistols series

Director Danny Boyle revisits the upheaval of UK punk in the trailer for the Sex Pistols series

- By Ramon Gonzales

Toby Wallace who plays Steve Jones sums it up best in the trailer with his memorable tagline, "Actually we're not into music, we're into chaos."

“PISTOL” -- Pictured (L-R): Jacob Slater as Paul Cook, Anson Boon as John Lyndon, Toby Wallace as Steve Jones, Christian Lees as Glen Matlock . CR: Miya Mizuno/FX

With the May 31st arrival date of the highly-anticipated Sex Pistols’ series helmed by acclaimed director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, 127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire)just weeks away, the official trailer for the 6-part series has now been revealed. Following the release of the series teaser weeks ago which offered fans a first glimpse of the iconic characters featured in Steve Jones’ celebrated 2017 memoir, Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol, the full trailer now offers more insight to the meteoric ascent of the Sex Pistols and the kind of upheaval they caused revolutionizing the landscape of punk music in the UK and eventually, the world over.

The series description reads, “The furious, raging storm at the center of this revolution are the Sex Pistols – and at the center of this series is Sex Pistols’ founding member and guitarist, Steve Jones. Jones’ hilarious, emotional and at times heart-breaking journey guides us through a kaleidoscopic telling of three of the most epic, chaotic and mucus-spattered years in the history of music. Based on Jones’ memoir Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol, this is the story of a band of spotty, noisy, working-class kids with “no future,” who shook the boring, corrupt Establishment to its core, threatened to bring down the government and changed music and culture forever.”

The series dubbed Pistol, features Toby Wallace (Steve Jones), Anson Boon (John Lydon), Christian Lees (Glen Matlock), Louis Partridge (Sid Vicious), Jacob Slater (Paul Cook), Sydney Chandler (Chrissie Hynde), Talulah Riley (Vivienne Westwood), Maisie Williams (Pamela Rooke, aka Jordan), Emma Appleton (Nancy Spungen) and Thomas Brodie-Sangster starring as the late great Malcolm McLaren who can be heard echoing the sentiment, "I don't want musicians, I want saboteurs!" in the series trailer.

While the excitement surrounding the series is continues to swell, John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, continues to maintain that the series is being done in poor taste. In fact, the hostility among Paul Cook and Steve Jones with Lydon resulted in litigation with latter losing a legal battle.

When the show announced it's May 31st premiere date, Sex Pistols also announced the release of a compilation record titled, The Original Recordings would arrive during that same time via Universal Music Group. Lydon again protested, issuing an emphatic statement against the release last month.

"Universal Music Group have announced the release of a new Sex Pistols compilation entitled The Original Recordings. For the avoidance of any doubt, John Lydon has not approved this compilation and does not endorse or support it. He has not approved the artwork or track listing. He and his team were not involved in producing this compilation and consider it substandard compared to previous Universal releases since 2012."

The FX series Pistol begins streaming on HULU May 31st. Stream the official full trailer below.

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