Frontierer earn best of the week on Knotfest's Countdown to Oblivion

Frontierer earn best of the week on Knotfest's Countdown to Oblivion

- By Ramon Gonzales

Edging out the new Brand of Sacrifice banger featuring Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath, new Don Broco, and the latest from Full of Hell, Fronterier's massive brand of mathcore proves menacing.

Last's week's competition via the Knotfest Countdown to Oblivion voting bracket was an impressive collection of the goods. Ranging from deathcore to hardcore, beatdown to mathcore - the focused list of 10 of the fiercest and freshest music videos proved a tough task to ask of the fans - which one was tops?

This week's winner was the US/Scotland connection in monstrous mathcore machine of Frontierer. The band's combustible "Glacial Plasma" is a pulverizing show of musical force that challenges the conventional idea of heavy music and take it to impressive new heights. Combined with a darkly futuristic visual, the band managed to earn top honors for the week, edging out stiff competition from the likes of Don Broco, Full of Hell, Alien Weaponry, deathcore juggernaut Brand of Sacrifice, and promising prospects like Traitors and Dying Wish.

Every week fans will have the chance to Vote for the week’s Best New Music Video and watch the results live. Countdown to Oblivion with Hardcore Keem airs Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET on Knotfest Twitch.

Here is the rundown of the 10 best videos of the week.

2. Brand of Sacrifice featuring Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath - "Enemy"

3. Don Broco - "One True Prince"

4. Full of Hell - "Industrial Messiah Complex"

5. Sleep Token - "The Love You Want"

6. 3TEETH featuring H09909 - "Paralyze"

7. Alien Weaponry - "Buried Underground"

8. Wage War - "High Horse"

9. Traitors - "Menace to Society"

10. Dying Wish - "Until Mourning Comes"
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