Gibson and Gene Simmons of Kiss partner to launch G²

Gibson and Gene Simmons of Kiss partner to launch G²

- By Ramon Gonzales

The joint venture will showcase Simmons' collection of electric guitar and bass designs and will produce streaming entertainment content coinciding with the brand.

Iconic American guitar brand Gibson has announced a partnership with founding member of KISS and global rock ambassador, Gene Simmons, to launch G².

A clever play on Gibson and Gene, will showcase collections of right and left handed electric guitars and basses. The collections will permeate throughout Gibson's comprehensive portfolio of brands including Kramer, Epiphone, and Gibson.

Commencing the joint venture, 's first offering will be the same bass that Simmons played during KISS' epic New Year's Eve streaming performance from in Dubai. The G² Thunderbird Bass will arrive later this year and will be available in ebony with silver accents or ebony with blood red accents.

I have been designing and trademarking bass guitars for decades, and when I heard Gibson’s vision and learned about their creative process, it just made sense for us to join forces to take things to the next level,” said Simmons. “Gibson is an outstanding company and has earned its place as a leading guitar brand with fans around the world. These guitars and basses will all be handmade, with a sound that is off the charts. The design is so beautiful and collectible that they are simply works of art.”

In addition to the collections of hardware, the banner will develop and produce original entertainment content that will stream online via the entire digital platform as an extension of the brand.

“Gene is not only one of the most celebrated musicians and rock stars of all time. He is also an entrepreneur, record producer, actor and overall creative person. His brain is always working, and I love that about him,” said Cesar Gueikian of Gibson Brands.

“When we first connected, we immediately engaged in the most interesting conversations about guitars, entertainment, and business. Our shared vision compelled us to explore a partnership that would include developing instruments and creating a new platform to entertain and inspire new generations of Gibson and Gene Simmons fans to create music. Expect epic things.”

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