Gimme Metal debuts the ultimate metal vinyl club

Gimme Metal debuts the ultimate metal vinyl club

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Team That Brought You The Best Metal Music Service Now Brings You THE BEST VINYL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE EVER.

Heavy culture purveyors GIMME METAL have established a 24/7, digital destination for metal. The online radio outlet proudly programs a collection of music that highlights the history and depth of the genre in a way that has long been absent from the airwaves.

The streaming service meets a need that has long been overdue for fans of heavy music. Bridging the classic contributors of the sound with modern, contemporary bands pushing innovation, GIMME RADIO is the online metal destination that further documents the importance of the music with every song they spin.

Adding another element to brand's continued curation, GIMME METAL is now launching a proper vinyl club designed to give subscribers access to important releases, rare pressings, and collector quality records that fans of the genre should have. The Gimme Metal Vinyl Club will focus on deep catalog, to rare, out of print albums, and new treasures - each monthly offering is a limited or Gimme exclusive variant, and many coming with collectible merch items or other add-ons.

The first monthly offering is a repressing of Possessed's seminal debut, Seven Churches. Hugely influential and regarded by many publications and critics, to this day, as an essential to own, Seven Churches was released in 1985 and continues to be pillar of death metal. Packaged with the record, GIMME METAL will also include a limited collectible Possessed enamel pin.

Spots for the first month of the GIMME METAL Vinyl Club will be limited to the first 200 subscribers. The final day to order is 8/25. The subscription will run $25.99 and includes shipping in the domestic United States. The October release will be announced 8/27.


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