Gimme Metal Vinyl Club celebrates Darkthrone’s 1993 black metal classic 'Under A Funeral Moon'

Gimme Metal Vinyl Club celebrates Darkthrone’s 1993 black metal classic 'Under A Funeral Moon'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The April release from the cultural curators at Gimme Metal features one of black metal's most definitive masterworks.

In their continued pursuit to spotlight the cultural significance of heavy music, GIMME METAL's 24/7 streaming service bolstered their platform with a vinyl club designed to give subscribers access to essential releases, rare pressings, and collector quality records that fans of the genre should not only own, but understand the history of.

The Gimme Metal Vinyl Club does their homework to unearth rare, out of print albums, and spotlight cultural shifting catalog entires that merit the deep dive. Each monthly offering has been a limited or outright exclusive to Gimme vinyl variant.

For the April edition of the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club, the collective takes it's first exploration into the cold, sinister universe of black metal. CEO and Co-Founder of Gimme Metal Tyler Lenane dissects the significance of Darkthone.'s 1992 landmark, Under A Funeral Moon.

"When we set out to create the Gimme Metal Vinyl, club we wanted to represent all sub genres of metal: death metal, classic metal, doom, thrash, and, of course, black metal. We searched a long time and I think we found the perfect record to represent our first foray into black metal: Darkthrone’s, 1993 classic, 'Under A Funeral Moon.'

When the world first heard this record it changed everything about what people thought was “metal.” Blown-out guitars, drums that sounded like cardboard boxes being ripped to shreds. A lo-fi masterpiece of atmospheric, icy, evil sounds that conjured up images of misty graveyards in the Scandinavian hinterlands. This record confused and even angered many metal fans, but it laid the blueprint for outsider black metal for years to come."

Anders Olden, co-founder and guitarist for Norwegian death metal band Cadaver offered his thoughts on 'Under Funeral Moon,' providing the perfect summation.

"When Darkthrone made the shift from death to black metal in 1991 and released the seminal album 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky' in 1992 I knew something was changing in the Norwegian music scene. Then, when the summer of 1993 came around and 'Under a Funeral Moon' was released, the harsh and primitive sound was even more present and Darkthrone became one of the most influential bands in the history of black metal. Underneath the extreme sound that alienate most listeners of conventional metal Darkthrone has a unique musical nerve and skill set that reveal the fact that they are superb artists - this is paramount to their music and why they are such an important force in music."

The April drop from the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club includes the re-issue of Darkthrone's 'Under A Funeral Moon' pressed on a limited silver variant. The package also includes an 'Order of the Seven Serpents' pin designed by Florian Bertmer.

To subscribe, visit the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club online - HERE


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