Gimme Metal Vinyl Club pays tribute to Riley Gale with the special edition reissue of their 2017 classic, 'Nightmare Logic'

Gimme Metal Vinyl Club pays tribute to Riley Gale with the special edition reissue of their 2017 classic, 'Nightmare Logic'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The heavy culture authority details how the 2017 album was an instant game changer and how it has become a modern classic in the few years since it's debut.

More than a year after the tragic passing of Power Trip frontman Riley Gale, the metal community is still faced with a huge gap in his absence. Regarded as one of the genre's most articulate spokesman, his command on the microphone was often augmented by his demeanor offstage.

Revered for his philanthropy and his genuine love for the community and culture of heavy music, to try and quantify his loss is impossible given the kind of impact he still continues to have despite being gone. A testament to is legacy, Power Trip's 2017 opus Nightmare Logic was regarded as a watershed moment for the thrash progressives from the instant it surfaced. The band's ability to channel a classic sound, combined with their modernization of the music galvanized generations of fans old and new in one especially important album.

Honoring the life, legacy, and influence of Riley Gale and Power Trip, heavy authority Gimme Metal have made the band's Nightmare Logic the next installment in their monthly curation of essential albums. Gimme Metal Head of Community Bri Thomas weighed in on the importance of the latest addition.

"By the time Nightmare Logic dropped in February of 2017, Power Trip had already been around for nearly a decade. The release of this amazing sophomore full-length made big waves in the metal community, landed Power Trip on many "best of" lists for the year and skyrocketed them to the forefront of modern metal. The band has an incredible approach to thrash, they take that old-school sound and mash it together perfectly with a modern edge and some hardcore, giving it a truly perfect crossover feel. This is a must-have release for anyone who loves metal, new or old.

Gimme Radio launched in mid-2017 and many of the songs from this amazing sophomore release rang through our airwaves frequently for a solid year after our launch. To this day, Power Trip is heavily loved by our DJs and listeners alike. When we started talking about launching the vinyl club, we knew we wanted to reissue Nightmare Logic for this reason. Now we also do this in honor of Riley's memory. His passing was a devastating loss to our community, but his light lives on through his music and the positive imprint he left on so many hearts."

Daniel Dekay of Exciter also weighed in on the album and it's instant classic quality. "When you think 'genre-defining record' you don't often equate it with an album released in the last 5 years - but that's exactly what Nightmare Logic album that feels more like a seasoned band's mid-career pinnacle release - not a young band's sophomore record. Furthermore, no other modern record has united punks, metalheads, and hardcore kids in the moshpit like this one has. Nightmare Logic is 80's thrash tone, crossover riffs, & single kick punk n' roll drums in their finest forms paired with the most charismatically aggressive hardcore frontman of the new guard. This is truly an inclusive record for EVERYONE, regardless of what scene you identify with - and that's exactly what you feel anytime you walk into a Power Trip show. 10/10 perfect album.


The final day to sign up for this Gimme Metal Vinyl Club release is September 26, 2021 and this exclusive "Nuclear Green" vinyl is set to release on October 15, 2021. Check it out the details of the special edition release here -
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