Gimme Metal Vinyl Club reissues Ghost's classic, Opus Eponymous

Gimme Metal Vinyl Club reissues Ghost's classic, Opus Eponymous

- By Ramon Gonzales

The heavy music and culture authority revisits the magnificent debut from one of the genre's most polarizing bands.

The monthly anthology of essential heavy music releases curated by Gimme Metal continues to spotlight major milestones and landmark albums that should be anchors of any collectors' stash.

Each month, the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club reissues a special edition of vinyl variant of an album that is regarded as a classic within the genre. From generational pillars like Possessed, Death, and Darkthrone to cult commanders like S.O.D., Bolt Thrower and Amon Amarth, the back catalog of vinyl club releases serves as an aggregate of albums that offer a crash course in heavy music mastery.

The latest addition to the collection revisits the emphatic arrival of the enigmatic cinematic metal horde of Ghost. The band's 2010 introduction in Opus Eponymous tapped into an alluring occult aesthetic and delivered a massive, arena-ready wall of sound that marked the arrival of a new phenomenon within the ranks of metal.

Gimme Metal's CEO Tyler Lenane offers some insight with regards to the November addition to the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club.

Before Ghost were selling out stadiums, before the lawsuits against Tobias Forge by disgruntled ghouls, before the “false metal” backlash, there was a truly remarkable debut album from Ghost - Opus Eponymous.

Released in 2010 with its members obscured by thick faceprint and papal robes, Opus Eponymous was a truly modern take on vintage metal. It sounded like an undiscovered Mercyful Fate album from the early 80’s or like if Ghost’s fellow Swedes, ABBA, had teamed up with Witchfinder General.

For us personally, this album more than any other Ghost offering showcases what we love most about the band: their ability to distill the catchiest parts of Blue Oyster Cult in short 4-minute bursts (go listen to BOC’s “Joan Crawford” off of the Fire of Unknown Origin album and you’ll see what we mean).

Ghost write great classic sounding heavy metal with timeless hooks, and we simply jumped at the chance to do a special vinyl exclusive of Opus Eponymous.

As Gimme DJ, John Brookhouse of the Tee Pee recording artist Worshipper says:

'Forget what you know about Ghost now. When this album came out, it was shrouded in real, honest to god (er, Satan?) MYSTERY. With its Mercyful riffs, Luciferian lyrics, and carefully-crafted and memorable guitar solos, it has all the hallmarks of classic metal, but served with a wry twist. While the production on this album is minimal compared to the later efforts, the songcraft and attention to melody is here in spades. A true modern classic.'

This release will be pressed on Gimme exclusive Orange & Blue Swirl vinyl. Please note that due to manufacturing processes, the actual product may vary from mocked-up images.

The final date to sign up for this special edition release is October 31st. Visit the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club online to subscribe to get the November release of Ghost's Opus Eponymous - HERE

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