Gimme Metal Vinyl Club spotlights the death metal spectacle of Blood Incantation’s ‘Starspawn’

Gimme Metal Vinyl Club spotlights the death metal spectacle of Blood Incantation’s ‘Starspawn’

- By Ramon Gonzales

Regarded as an instant classic, the band's compelling debut was a five-track assault that reinvigorated the genre.

Adding to the carefully curated monthly archive of essential heavy cultural landmark albums, Gimme Metal have bolstered their vinyl club with a true cult classic.

The no-frills, old school approach to the album’s recording resulted in a debut that asserted the band’s commitment to the genre - sans solos and synth, ‘Starspawn’ was released in 2016 yet quickly gained comparisons to the albums of the genre’s storied heyday decades prior. It was both classic and contemporary in the same shot.

Thematically, ‘Starspawn’ was an expansive exploration of inter-dimensional obliteration - nothingness that far exceeded the troupes of the genre and pushed the boundaries of existential extremity - adding narrative weight to match the sonic devastation packaged in the album’s crushing five track presentation.

In short, Blood Incantation managed to cement their legacy as fine purveyors of the genre with what was unanimously an instant masterwork. It has become a collector’s item in the physical form and the standard of excellence in the modern era of a category that is often overseen by cynics and purists - both of which champion Blood Incantation and this particular entry.

Gimme Metal CEO spoke of the decision to include ‘Starspawn’ as the latest entry into the vinyl club vault.

“So many of us were blown away by Blood Incantation's newer release, 'Hidden History of the Human Race', but their debut album 'Starspawn' should not be overlooked or cast into Hidden History's shadow.

'Starspawn' is an epic frenzy of technical, ambient death metal at its finest. It was recorded live with tubes and tapes, no triggers or click-tracks, no cutting and pasting, which strips away the typical, overly-polished nature of most modern death metal.

Blood Incantation's take on their love of the old-school feel landed them in many top 10 lists for the year of its release and made it a must-have for fans of the genre, which is why we wanted to include it as one of our vinyl club releases.”

John Olson of Wolf Eyes adds, "Rules are for earth-locked posers. 'Starspawn' is the blueprint from the cosmic splattered crew that would three years later destroy the universe with 'Hidden History.' Hear the genre-wrecker's debut in planet-sized originality, rotten with star dusted chaos. The first metal band to play FAST and also the first to have two songs 4:20 length, consecutively. FU EARTHLINGS."

The final day to sign up for this Gimme Metal Vinyl Club release is midnight PT August 26, 2021 and this exclusive “Transparent Red with Yellow Galaxy" vinyl is expected to to release on September 15, 2021.

Check it out the details of the exclusive release - HERE

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