Gimme Metal's Vinyl Club celebrate the debut of Amon Amarth with the reissue of  "Once Sent From the Golden Hall'

Gimme Metal's Vinyl Club celebrate the debut of Amon Amarth with the reissue of "Once Sent From the Golden Hall'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The latest in the curated collection of important metal releases, Gimme Metal revisits the 1998 debut from the Norse-mythology, melodic death metal mastery of the inimitable Amon Amarth.

Continuing their carefully curated spotlight of significant, classic metal releases, Gimme Metal's Vinyl Club has announced their June installment with the reissue of Amon Amarth's indelible debut, 'Once Sent From the Golden Hall'.

The 1998 introduction ushered in an era domination for Amon Amarth that has since resulted in 11 full length albums, a cultivated fanbase more than two decades deep, and a name that has become synonymous with melodic, Viking-latent, death metal. To better frame the enduring relevance and historic context of the album, Gimme Radio CEO Tyler Lenane detailed why this album was a must for the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club collection.

"When we first started the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club we knew we wanted to do an Amon Amarth release. I’d say Amon Amarth is one of the most loved bands on Gimme. The band really crosses over to so many types of metal fans - Dave Mustaine, who plays more of the classic thrash and NWOBHM stuff plays it, but so do DJs like Jessica Pimentel who plays a lot of death and black metal. They are a perfect example of the power of melodic death metal - all the power and aggression, but with the hooks as well.

Plus, lead singer Johan Hegg was one of our earliest DJs. His show “Hammer of the North” is amazing - not just for the music he plays, but the stories he tells: his musical upbringing, the earliest days of Amon Amarth, the first time he played Wacken…all riveting. Johan’s always been a great friend of Gimme and comes back regularly for shows and occasionally even joins his wife, Maria, on their really special show Heggvegr where they talk about living a sustainable and positive life, while maintaining a love of metal.

We thought long and hard about what Amon Amarth release to include in the club and decided there was no better place to start than the debut full-length LP - 'Once Sent From the Golden Hall'. From the brutal opener “Ride for Vengeance” to the dirgey death crawl of “Amon Amarth,” it’s a stellar debut that gives fans a real taste of what’s to come from this brutal band.

Our DJ Jessica Pimentel summed up the album record perfectly, 'Amon Amarth let the world know right away who they were and kicked down the door between us and other realms early on with their signature sound. A perfect mix of Black, Death, Melodic and Thrash metal with well placed riffs, solos, growls and poetry they gave us enough Ice to feel the cold darkness of the North and enough fire to feel the heat and passion to fight for the Gods. A huge influence on me personally, Somehow their sound seeps into my bones and has me nostalgic for a time and place beyond memory and existence. Ready to ride invisible horses and row invisible ships, I raise my horn eternally to this album. Skål!'"

The June installment of Gimme Metal's Vinyl Club June 15th with May 26th as the final day to sign up for this particular release. Fans can subscribe to the metal vinyl club and see the previous curation of monthly releases ranging from Death, Possessed, Bolt Thrower, High On Fire. S.O.D. and more - HERE
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