Gimme Metal's Vinyl Club celebrates Fit For An Autopsy's colossal 'The Sea of Tragic Beasts'

Gimme Metal's Vinyl Club celebrates Fit For An Autopsy's colossal 'The Sea of Tragic Beasts'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Heavy music purveyors Gimme Metal have gone more contemporary for their most recent addition to their Vinyl Club catalog. The ongoing series of monthly LP reissues is stacked with extreme music essentials ranging from Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats to Darkthrone.

The November installment features a modern classic first released in 2019 from Jersey City deathcore stalwarts, Fit For An Autopsy. Establishing a passionate cult-following since their 2008 arrival, Fit For An Autopsy's inimitable deathcore onslaught spans six LP releases, the fifth of which the massive, The Sea of Tragic Beasts. The release is featured on Gimme Exclusive Blood Red vinyl from Nuclear Blast. As a 6-piece unit, the band pull no punches in their relentless, socially-conscious assault, blending genres with an impressive range of sounds, all the time full of fire and fury.

Gimme Metal's music director Brian Turner spoke of the decision to include the contemporary crusher. "Leading up to 2019, Fit For An Autopsy took their genre-blurring into a far more atmospheric realm, but with the advent of LP#5 'The Sea of Tragic Beasts' they brought in some more of the early chaos and tempered it with their new direction amazingly. Feels like home again for longterm fans: pummeling, rich, epic stuff. The "beasts" per se being humanity overflowing, condemned to destroy the place in which they dwell, Will Putney's lyrics at a high point of ably describing our sorry existence as grandiose theater. A severely high mark in the saga of Fit For An Autopsy, the best thing to come out of Jersey City since Red and the Tube Bar prank call tapes."

Halloween marks the final day to secure your copy of the November edition of the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club - HERE.
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