Gwar partner with Consequence to unveil their interstellar CBD, 'Bud of Gods'

Gwar partner with Consequence to unveil their interstellar CBD, 'Bud of Gods'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The partnership showcases a creative synergy between the multimedia company and independent artists during unprecedented times.

Multimedia brand and cultural authority Consequence has teamed with legendary intergalactic metal horde GWAR to launch a limited-edition CBD collaboration appropriately titled, 'Bud of Gods'.

The introductory line of products from the joint venture include CBD Flower, available in a 3.5 gram jar or in a mylar bag (choice of 3.5 or 7 grams). There are pre-rolls also available in single or three-packs at a gram a joint. The line also includes soft goods ranging from tees to hoodies, as well as accessories ranging from papers to rolling trays. Pre-orders of the line are currently being taken to ensure arrival for April 20th.

Bud of Gods CBD contains a descendant of the Sour Tsunami flower, an Indica-leaning hybrid featuring tropical citrus and earthy undertones. The product is sustainably sourced and purely processed, a signature that Consequence aligns with all of their products.

While the project certainly bears some tongue-in-cheek humor given the product and the whole interplanetary angle, the genesis of the launch really has some hefty significance during a time when musicians are exploring new means of revenue and additional ways to connect with fans.

"As the largest independently owned music and entertainment website, Consequence realizes and appreciates the unique challenges facing independent artists as a result of the pandemic,” says Consequence Media CEO Sajan Shiva. “Leveraging our own internal resources, we sought to create new revenue opportunities for artists currently stuck at home unable to tour, which will remain even as things return to normal. Today, Consequence is proud to be partnering with GWAR for our first artist-branded CBD and merchandise.”

Gwar recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of their seminal 'Scumdogs of the Universe' throughout 2020, punctuated by a livestreaming performance of the album in its entirety. The band also unveiled a new visual for the track, "Cool Place to Park" from the album and introduced a limited merch capsule with skate culture purveyors, Creature.

Blóthar the Berserker offered, “GWAR has been tearing the universe a new one for literally eons. It’s not easy being an intergalactic warrior shaman, and the leader of the most insane shock rock band in history. I’ve found that after a long day of bloodthirsty battle, nothing soothes my mind like the ‘Bud of Gods’ CBD. It is the perfect sacrament with which to wind down from a white-hot berserker rage. Grab some today, and feel your petty human concerns melt away into the sweet nothingness you crave.”

The band's latest endeavor into the realm of holistic goods reiterates the band's enduring quality and relevance after more than three decades in the game.

For more information visit Bud of Gods - HERE

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