Hate5Six captures Turnstile in full stride with 'Glow On' concert film

Hate5Six captures Turnstile in full stride with 'Glow On' concert film

- By Ramon Gonzales

The hometown Baltimore event marked an important moment in alternative culture and features one of the best albums of the year in all it's glory.

Prolific cultural documentarian Sunny Singh, better known online under the videography archive of Hate5Six, has captured one what may likely be referenced as a watershed moment in the landscape of aggressive music with his most recently released concert film.

Back on September 16th, Singh armed himself with four cameras and a soundboard for a trek to Baltimore to document the an exclusive release event celebrating the arrival of Turnstile's triumphant full length record, Glow On.

The hometown event was filmed along with a capacity crowd at the Baltimore SoundStage and showcased a collective in Turnstile that was operating at their peak. Bolstered by the universal praise of the album and the effectiveness of singles like "Mystery", "Blackout" and "Holiday", the film was underscores just how well the record had resonated with fans as the house was often times just as loud as the stage - echoing the charging vocals of frontman Brendan Yates.

Punctuating what has been a banner year for Turnstile, the film frames the band in the element, with no barricade and immersed in the experience of the music along with the fans that are shouting and stage diving throughout. The spectacle of the show, in tandem with the raucous score, serves as an important addition to the archive of alternative culture and music.

In the months since the release of Glow On, Turnstile has remained loyal to road, trekking across the country sharing their craft one stage at a time. In addition to their own headlining dates, the band delivered highly-touted appearances at festivals including Knotfest Iowa, Furnace Fest and Louder Than Life just to name a few.

As for the film, the masterfully assembled footage serves well in not only reiterating the energy of the band's live set, but best conveys the kind of conviction shared between the stage and the floor. Signh's ability to immerse himself in the experience provides a unique vantage point for fans watching from a distance - despite seeing Turnstile from behind a screen, the show still feels authentic, exciting.

Glow On from Turnstile is currently available via Roadrunner Records. Get the album - HERE

Watch 'Glow On' Record Release - A Hate5Six concert film below.


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