Heilung Gets a Feature in Upcoming Viking Revenge Epic 'The Northman'

Heilung Gets a Feature in Upcoming Viking Revenge Epic 'The Northman'

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

The Norse and medieval inspired band are set to tour North America later this year

Founded in Denmark back in 2014, Heilung has been delivering a musical experience like none other for nearly a decade. Roughly translated to "healing" in English, Heilung composes a variety of experimental and folk-inspired music that are often based on texts and scriptures about Norse deities, the Viking Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and others.

After performing at festivals like Castlefest in the Netherlands and Midgardsblot in Norway, the band began to explode onto the scene with features in publications like Metal Hammer and others. While their sound and image are definitely different than the norm, it has naturally been the heavy metal community that has embraced them the most thanks to those exact differences.

The Northman is the next upcoming movie from modern marvel Robert Eggers, whose previous two films (The Witch, The Lighthouse) showcased not only brilliant, engaging and challenging filmmaking but also a remarkable attention to the details and language of their respective time periods. The Northman looks like no exception, taking inspiration from the Scandinavian legend of Amleth to craft a unique and visceral tale of adventure and revenge.


Heilung has been featured in the latest trailer for the film with their song 'Hakkerskaldyr' and it's a rather appropriate fit for the viking epic. This marks a big turning point for the band as their music seems particularly effective when used for soundtracks. The television series Vikings have also used Heilung's music in the past, a trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones have used them as well, and the band's next project will be composing the entire soundtrack for the upcoming video game Senua's Saga: Hellblade II.

In addition, they secured another video game collaboration with MY.GAMES and Booming Tech for the new season of Conqueror's Blade - 'VII: "Wolves of Ragnarok." With lyrics recorded in Old Norse and inspired by Völuspá – a prophecy of Ragnarok from the Poetic Edda - Heilung's atmospheric sound will immerse players in a dark new era for Conqueror's Blade. Heilung will also see their name being eternalized in one of the new combat map locations, which is now officially called ‘Heilung Fjord,’ and serves as a place for healing. More info on the game can be found HERE.

Heilung are currently set to embark on a tour across North America at the end of the summer. Check out the new trailer for The Northman below the list of tour dates.

HEILUNG North America 2022:
08/26/22: Atlanta, GA @ Cobb Energy Center TICKETS>
08/28/22: Asheville, NC @ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium TICKETS>
08/30/22: Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE TICKETS>
09/01/22: Toronto, ON @ Meridian Hall TICKETS>
09/03/22: Montréal, QC @ MTELUS TICKETS>
09/06/22: New York, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom TICKETS>
09/08/22: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium TICKETS>
09/10/22: Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple Theatre TICKETS>
09/13/22: Chicago, IL @ Radius TICKETS>
09/15/22: St. Paul, MN @ Myth Live TICKETS>
09/20/22: Seattle, OR @ The Paramount Theatre TICKETS>
09/22/22: Portland, OR @ Keller Auditorium TICKETS>
09/24/22: San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield TICKETS>
09/27/22: Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre TICKETS>
09/29/22: Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre TICKETS>
10/01/22: Dallas, TX @ The Factory in Deep Ellum TICKETS>

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