Illustration icon Richard Corben dies at the age of 80

Illustration icon Richard Corben dies at the age of 80

- By Ramon Gonzales

The pioneering artist best known for his definitive work with Heavy Metal Magazine leaves behind an unparalleled legacy of visual storytelling.

Revered illustrator Richard Corben has sadly passed away. His wife Dona Corben made the announcement via Corben Studios' social media.

The 2012 inductee into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame crafted a body of work that carried with it his distinct signature characterized by bold color and meticulously detailed anatomy.

Best known for his contribution to Heavy Metal Magazine, Corben's extensive catalog includes work with Dark Horse Comics for Hellboy, extensive contributions to the Marvel archives on The Punisher, Hulk, Starr the Slayer, and Ghost Rider, as well as work with DC on titles like Hellblazer and Jonah Hex.

Corben's work extended beyond the comic book universe. Among his most famous works include his vision for the cover of Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell LP and the iconic film poster for the Brian De Palma 1974 feature film, Phantom of Paradise.

Corben would also make is mark with Warren Publishing, contributing to the cult-driven Vampirella as well as the sister publications in Eerie and Creepy. The artist would also go onto the create his own imprint with Fantagor Press. Den, Horror in the Dark, and Mutant World were among the titles released until Fantagor closed t's run in 1994.

Corben's influence and legacy reverberate throughout the lexicon of science fiction and fantasy. His work remains one of a kind.

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