Jay Weinberg pays a visit to The House of Masks

Jay Weinberg pays a visit to The House of Masks

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Slipknot drummer sits with curator/operator AJ Good to detail the evolution of his stage-worn masks.

Last month, Slipknot's Sid Wilson marked an important milestone in the life of The House of Masks, becoming the very first member of the band to visit one of the biggest collections of high quality replica Slipknot masks anywhere in the world.

Curated and operated by Slipknot fanatic/historian AJ Good, the collection has galvanized fans online, as Good regularly shares his ever-growing collection via his Youtube Channel. In addition to the masks from various eras of Slipknot, Good also has special Slipknot memorabilia that he has amassed as a fan throughout the years.

Going to more of a sit-down format for more of an in-depth discussion, Good was joined by Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg for a lengthy deep-dive into the evolution of his stage worn-masks. Detailing the chronology of the masks and how they correlated to the various milestones in his tenure with the band, Weinberg explained how the masks varied from some time torturous to de facto tribute departed members.

Pairing the discussion with archived photos of the mask creation process and even initial renderings, the discussion functioned like a concise history lesson from the drummer's vantage point.

Taking to his social media to share the video, Good revealed that Weinberg actually shot a few different videos and this was the first, suggesting there may be more content to come. Check the comprehensive conversation with House of Masks curator AJ Good and Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg below.

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