King Diamond and Z2 Comics announce graphic novel adaptation of 'Abigail'

King Diamond and Z2 Comics announce graphic novel adaptation of 'Abigail'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The patron saint of heavy metal pens his first ever comic based on his culture shifting 1987 album.

Z2 Comics has partnered with the pillar of heavy metal in King Diamond for a graphic novel adaptation of his seminal sophomore record in the 1987 masterpiece, 'Abigail'.

Treading new terrain in a decorated career that has spanned decades and influenced generations, King Diamond worked in collaboration with White Noise Studios writer Dan Watters and October Faction artist Damien Worm to embark on his very first graphic novel project and breathe new life into haunting narrative of Miriam Natias, Jonathan LaFey, The Seven Horsemen, The Count, The Countess and the baby Abigail.

King Diamond weighed in on the significance of the new venture. “A graphic novel based on one of my stories is a dream come true for me. Working with a company like Z2 and the writer Dan Watters, and the graphic artist Damien Worm, is making this project the highest class one could wish for. Not just our own fans but any fan of the horror genre will enjoy the darkness and creepiness of this project. I simply can’t wait to personally be able to present this to you once we get closer to Halloween. Abigail has risen again.”

Publisher Josh Frankel also offered his excitement regarding the project, “King Diamond is as his name would imply, heavy metal royalty, and we are all his servants. I couldn’t be more honored to reward fans of comics and heavy music with what will most likely be one of the highlights of the year, and a high watermark for Z2’s direct artist collaborations overall.”

In an effort to better commemorate the landmark collaboration, 'Z2 Comics is offering an exclusive brand new Abigail graphic novel picture disc edition of the seminal 1987 LP. The album will feature the graphic novel artwork on the front with the original Abigail art adorning the back as well an alternate cover painting by artist Torbjörn Jörgensen. This version is only available with the deluxe and super deluxe graphic novel package which ae only offered through the Z2 website.

The Abigail graphic novel will be released in both softcover and hardcover editions and is set to arrive at retailers just prior to Halloween 2021. The special deluxe and super deluxe editions are currently available for preorder - these exclusive packages include an exclusive one-time variant cover vinyl edition limited to just 3,000 copies, 2,500 of the deluxe edition and just 500 copies of the super deluxe edition.

King Diamond's 'Abigail' graphic novel from Z2 Comics is currently available for preorder - HERE

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