Knotfest Bracket Challenge - Results: Find out which Behemoth song earned top honors and see the band's 30th anniversary setlist

Knotfest Bracket Challenge - Results: Find out which Behemoth song earned top honors and see the band's 30th anniversary setlist

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Polish powerhouse commemorated '30 Years of Blasphemy' with a special Halloween livestream.

Few artists can lay claim to such a nuanced understanding of extreme metal the way Polish juggernaut Behemoth can. Steeped in the culture of antagonistic artistry, the band has been cultivating a reputation of musical mastery and an unparalleled level of showmanship spanning their nearly three decade long reign of dominance.

Reiterating the band's continued commitment to progression, evolution, and revelry in confronting the status quo, Behemoth tallied their most impressive triumph to date with their 2018 success, I Loved You At Your Darkest. Regarded as a new standard in audio and visual excellence, the album earned universal adulation for its artwork and its accompanying visuals as much as it did for its massive, cinematic musical compositions.

Most recently, the band has become synonymous with revolutionizing the streaming platform during their creative pivot of the pandemic-era. In 2020, Behemoth once again changed the game with a modern marvel in their audacious, wildly-ambitious four-part livestreaming production with 'In Absentia Dei'. Remaining true to their occult aesthetic and their incessant prod at the pulpit of religion, the band took to an abandoned church in their home of Poland to film what has become arguably, one of the best, certainly most-discussed live performances of the period.

In fact, 'In Absentia Dei' earned such acclaim that the presentation has since been immortalized with the upcoming December 17th release of the show as the band's triumphant live album. Doubling down on the notion of one-0upping their standard of showmanship, the band is taking the opportunity to celebrate their 30th anniversary by again taking to the livestreaming platform on a global level.

Partnering with premium streaming service Moment House, Behemoth recently marked three decades of extreme music dominance with ‘XXX Years Ov Blasphemy’. True to the band’s M.O., the ambitious production featured three separate sets in three different locations, with each set offering a dedicated focus to each decade of the band’s catalog. Tickets for Behemoth's 'XXX Years ov Blasphemy' Halloween global livestream are currently available - HERE

In taking a retrospective look at one of extreme metal's most important, enduring and innovative contributors, the latest edition of the Knotfest Bracket Challenge aims to drill down which of Behemoth's entries is among the fans' favorite. Assembling a focused collection of eight of the band's most essential tracks, it is now up to the fans to determine which track is tops.

The final results have been tallied and are now live via Among the last two remaining tracks in the running were, "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer" and "As Above So Below" with the classic from The Satanist taking the title of fan favorite. The song was also included in "The Desecrated Temple" of the live trifecta of career-spanning sets featured on the 'XXX Years ov Blasphemy' broadcast.

Directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz of G13 Production House, the streaming event showcased Behemoth’s earliest exploration of pagan and black metal sounds from ‘Pandemonic Incantations’, progressing into their international breakthroughs with ‘The Apostasy’ and ‘Evangelion’, and culminating with the band’s most recent triumph in 2018’s ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’.

Watch the trailer for Behemoth's 'XXX Years of Blasphemy' below.
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