presents Pulse of the Maggots 2021 presents Pulse of the Maggots 2021

- By Ramon Gonzales

The second installment of the streaming festival will feature performances from Hyro The Hero, Lotus Eater, As Everything Unfolds, Baest, Pupil Slicer, Earthists, Gaerea and more. has announced plans to broadcast a second installment of their innovative streaming festival with the 2021 edition of Pulse of the Maggots. The free event will be aired via the KNOTFEST Twitch channel on Friday June 25th with the programming set to begin at 3pm PT.

The full day of performances will feature an eclectic roster of artists spanning the spectrum of modern heavy music. Pulse of the Maggots 2021 will be headed by Houston's powerhouse Hyro The Hero, who is currently pushing his forthcoming Kids Against the Monsters rock-forward mixtape. The versatile frontman revered for his energetic live shows has already debuted singles with David Draiman of Disturbed, Chad Gray of Mudvayne/HellYeah, Brand Saller of Atreyu, Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills and his most recent cut "FU2" featuring AJ Channer of Fire From the Gods.

Additional performances on the day include sets from some of the culture's most in-demand prospects including, As Everything Unfolds, Lotus Eater, Gaerea, Baest, Elyne, Abbie Falls, Cult of Lilith, Capra, Superbloom, Earthists, Pupil Slicer, and Druid. In addition to the live sets, the broadcast will include special guest appearances, music video premieres, and fan interaction with the bands via the Twitch chat. Check out all the bands below the trailer.

The inaugural Pulse of the Maggots kicked off in 2020 as a response to the continued pause of live music across the globe. Taking the festival model the digital platform, the first-ever Pulse of the Maggots featured sets from highly touted aggressors like Tallah, Orbit Culture, Death Tour, Year of the Knife, Hacktivist, Wargasm, 156 Silence and many more.

Again working with Rock Against Racism for Pulse of the Maggots, the festival is hoping to aid the organization in continuing to use music as a means of addressing the need for social change and a call to action against injustice any and everywhere.

Pulse of the Maggots 2021 broadcasts June 25th via the KNOTFEST Twitch Channel with the festivities beginning at 3pm PT.

Hyro the Hero - Houston, Texas

As Everything Unfolds - U.K.

Lotus Eater - U.K.

Gaerea - Portugal

BAEST - Aarhus, Denmark

Elyne - Ravenna, Italy

Cult of Lilith - Reykjavik, Iceland

Abbie Falls - Prague, Czech Republic

CAPRA - Lafayette, Louisiana

Superbloom - Brooklyn, New York

Earthists - Tokyo, Japan

Pupil Slicer - London, U.K.

Druid - Melbourne, Australia
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