Lamb of God's 'Be the Match' Bone Marrow Registry campaign connects donor with recipient

Lamb of God's 'Be the Match' Bone Marrow Registry campaign connects donor with recipient

- By Ramon Gonzales

Frontman Randy Blythe met with Lamb of God fan Todd Seaman as he donated vital stem cells and plasma to save a cancer patient's life.

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe shared some holiday cheer via his social media recently, detailing an important story of the reach of music and the great nature of good human beings.

Back in 2016, Lamb of God dropped a five song EP in The Duke - a recorded effort inspired by Blythe's meeting with impassioned Lamb of God fan and leukemia patient, Wayne Ford. The EP's title track would become the anthem of a subsequent "Be the Match" Bone Marrow Registry campaign in which Lamb of God worked to galvanize heavy music fans, encouraging people to get swabbed to see if they were a donor match.

Lo and behold, the campaign would work to help save a life.

Blythe took to his Instagram account to share the story of Todd Seaman, a LoG fan from Arkansas that registered with the campaign five years ago after listening to "The Duke". Blythe further explained that Seaman would get an email nine months ago revealing that he was a match for a 65-year old leukemia patient in need. Coincidentally, the patient lived in Lamb of God's home state of Virginia.

Blythe would actually join Seaman and his father for the donation process. In fact, Blythe had dinner with the father and son, taking them around D.C. and walking from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial - some 11 miles. Blythe would accompany Seaman as he sat in the clinic for four hours to complete his stem cell and plasma donation. The experience was something Blythe referred to as "the two greatest days of my life".

Blythe's post read,

"As you read this, the leukemia patient is receiving Todd’s (Seaman) donation. RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND, that man is receiving the best Christmas present ever- a 2nd chance at life.

To say that I am honored to have been a small part of this is a massive understatement. Yesterday Todd said “Dude- lamb of god saved someone’s life today”- I said “No, YOU saved someone’s life today. Lamb of god just helped you a little.”

Check the post here.

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