Maggots unite: Find out which song was voted the fan favorite from Slipknot's sophomore masterpiece, Iowa

Maggots unite: Find out which song was voted the fan favorite from Slipknot's sophomore masterpiece, Iowa

- By Ramon Gonzales

After weeks of voting, find out winch of the album's 14 tracks is at the top of the list for the Maggots.

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Slipknot's seminal sophomore album, Iowa. Widely regarded as one of the band's most important recorded works, the album was responsible for some the band's most enduring tracks.

Breakout singles including "People = Shit," "The Heretic Anthem," and "Left Behind" remain essentials in any Slipknot setlist, though the album also included deeper cuts that manage to resonate with the most hardcore of fans. Tracks like "Skin Ticket," "Disasterpiece," "New Abortion" and the terrifying descent that is "Gently" have all been cemented as cult classics in the band's teflon catalog.

While the band's 1999 self-titled debut made the band of masked Iowans a household name, it was this follow-up effort that solidified Slipknot as a global phenomenon. The album confirmed a new era of domination and a new generation of heavy artists that pooled the very best from various subcategories of metal to create a sound that was fresh as it was volatile. Iowa marked a changing of the guard, and a reign that Slipknot has maintained ever since.

To commemorate the album's major milestone, KNOTFEST built the Bracket Challenge to give the Maggots th chance to determine which track remains the at the top of such a monumental compilation. The fourth and final round of voting was completed on Saturday August 28st and now after a month of narrowing down the tracks - the final results are in.

Of the album's 14 masterful tracks, "My Plague" managed to NARROWLY neat out the band's massive anthemic single, "Left Behind" as the fan favorite from the modern classic. Check the results from the thousands of votes submitted below.

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Coinciding with the 20th anniversary festivities of the seminal album, Slipknot have also launched a limited edition 20th Anniversary merchandise capsule that includes iconic imagery from the Iowa cycle. Emblazoned with the album art and essential mantras from the album like "People = Shit" the collection is only available for a limited time via the Knotfest webstore - HERE

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