Mandatory Jams: Five songs of the week - 3/31

Mandatory Jams: Five songs of the week - 3/31

- By Ramon Gonzales

Ranging from black metal to thrash, this week's roundup goes hard.

After a long hiatus, the Knotfest editorial team is bringing back our weekly rundown of some of the best, newly-released singles that should be added to your playlist ASAP.

In no particular order, with no real regard for genre, label, or even band size - the aim is offer a quick, useful menu of no less than 5, no more than 10 cuts weekly that refute the idea that there is no new good music.

Here is the week in review and your fresh list of Mandatory Jams for 3.31.23.

Boundaries - "Bedlam" (3Dot Recordings)

Photo by Sarah Holick

The Connecticut metalcore collective which showcases a hardcore lean linked wih producer Randy Leboeuf (The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan) to bring out even more hostility as the band progress to craft more-hook-driven heft. The single arrives while the band are still on a high from their 2022 release, Burying Brightness - an effort that landed the band a touring slot on the Pain Remains run supporting deathcore giants, Lorna Shore.

Shadow of Intent - "The Migrant" (Blood Blast Distribution)

Deathcore standouts Shadow of Intent delivered one of 2022's most impressive albums with Elegy, only to follow that up with another standalone single that underscores the band's flawless technicality. Brimming with brutality and innovative musicianship, the band showcase craftsmanship that goes beyond spectacle - this is deathcore's A-team and the proof is in songs like "The Migrant".

Currents - "So Alone" (SharpTone Records)

Currently campaigning towards the May 5th release of their third full length, The Death We Seek, another Connecticut outfit is proving their is something in the water in CT. Building off the success and creative strides made on their 2020 release, The Way It Ends, Currents caustic combination of weighty guitar, pummeling cadence and cathartic vocals from Brian Wille make for an apocalyptic soundtrack.

Tsjuder - "Gods of Black Blood" (Season of Mist)

Photo by Chantik Photography

The Norwegian black metal veterans are back with their first release of new material since 2015's Antiliv. The first reveal of their sixth full length, Helvegr, is a menacing, merciless assertion of black metal mastery that will resonate with even the most discerning purist - even despite the polished production quality. Featuring guest vocals from Tor ‘Seidemann’ Stavenes of 1349, the stylized savagery of the single makes for a powerful reintroduction.

Enforced - "Starve" (Century Media Records)

Photo by Jacky Flav

Thrash for that ass! No frills Richmond shredders Enforced understand the importance of playing to your strengths and when it comes to speed, precision and pummel - their latest single from War Remains in "Starve" has all three in spades. The track's dismal message of despair is paired with a scorching pace that reiterates the frustration spewing from frontman Knox Colby.

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