Mandatory Jams: New music for the week of 2/19

Mandatory Jams: New music for the week of 2/19

- By Ramon Gonzales

The all killer, no filler reference guide to the new music you might have missed this week.

There was a ton of new music that surfaced this week. Andrew WK dropped a banger, Trippie Redd teamed with Chino Moreno of Deftones and it WORKED, plus, GOJIRA just beat the hell out of a everyone with the opening track of their first new album in five years.

It was a winner of a week fo heavy music fans.

However, the train does not stop there. Below is a quick reference guide of all the killer, not a bit of filler new music that was released this week. Big bands, small bands - quality bands. Your time is too important to waste listening to anything less.

Crank these.

God's Hate - "Be Harder" (Closed Casket Activities)

In the five years since East Coast clobber core outfit God's Hate last released music, the band's personal life and personnel might have changed, but the MO remains the same. ZERO bulshit, straight beatdown. The collaboration between Colin Young of Twitching Tongues and vocalist/Ring Of Honor professional wrestler Brody King has resurfaced with the introduction to their next phase of decimation in "Be Harder," which does exactly that. The track strikes immediately and doesn't relent for all three glorious minutes.

Sanguisugabogg - "Dick Filet" (Century Media Records)

Ohio's ode to the 90's gore and glory of death metal, Sangusugabogg's (Latin for 'Blood Sucker') crass brand of guttural distortion tongue-in-cheek and chiefly talented. Following rad releases like "Menstrual Envy" and "Dead As Shit" the band's latest in "Dick Filet" follows stylistic suit, but honestly made this week's cut because of the song's title. (Gotta keep it real).

Ghost Iris feat. Mark Hunter of CHIMAIRA - "Desert Dread" (Long Branch Records)

The Danish collective of Ghost Iris are among the most dynamic emerging prospects in metalcore. Tastefully utilizing the occasional big hook, the bulk of the band's output is anchored by pummeling instrumentation and lyrical aggression that remains cheese free. On the band's latest, Mark Hunter of CHIMAIRA guests for an old school feel that manages to feel fresh as ever.

DREGG - “Evolve” (Epitaph Records)

The genre-bending collective of Melbourne-based Dregg weave an intricate fabric of styles to craft something new, something invigorating, and something undeniably entertaining. The band's latest frames the shitshow that was 2020 in a way that suggest, whatever didn't end us entirely only served to make us stronger - hence, "Evolve". Theme aside, the adrenaline charged anthem is another empathic middle finger to those that argue rock is dead.

EyeHateGod - "Circle of Nerves" (Century Media Records)

Listening EyeHateGod voice Mike IX Williams bellow "annihilation" with his menacing rasp serves well In summarizing the last single before the release of the full LP, A History of Nomadic Behavior. Violent, volatile, and visceral, the track underscores the band's brand of signature sludge from start to finish.

Hail The Sun - “Parasitic Cleanse” (Equal Vision Records)

Earning strong comparisons to the vocal dexterity of giants like Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw and Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, hail the Sun's Donovan Melero delivers a powerhouse vocal performance ripe with emotion and conviction. The second serving off of the band's April 16th New Age Filth, showcases an effort comparable to capturing lightening in a bottle.

Void of Vision feat. Ecca Vandal - "Decay" (UNFD)

VOV has gone into the archives to revisit a track from their 2019 LP, Hyperdaze for their latest banger in "Decay". Enlisting the brilliant vocal boast of Ecca Vandal, the tandem attack of the songstress along with Jack Bergin makes for a barrage of back and forth that add to the overall crushing quality of the track.

DVNE - "Towers" (Metal Blade Records)

An articulate blend of progressive instrumentation with fits of bleak doom, DVNE's "Towers" is a masterful showing of musicianship and artistry. The 9-minute epic consists of movements that display the band's full musical range - from vivid and vibrant to dark and menacing all in the same track. What is even more impressive os that the accompanying video is a live performance.

To The Grave - "" (Unique Leader Records)

The current resurgence of deathcore is gaining momentum on a global level and further proof of that is the swift strike of outfits like the Aussie assault of To The Grave. The band's understanding requisite growl and breakdown is accented by added instrumental flair that makes the latest wave of deathcore a true evolution of the subgenera. On "" the quintet show there's levels to this brutality shit.

Black Sheep Wall - "Human Shaped Hole" (Silent Pendulum Records)

Existing somewhere between post-hardcore and energized sludge, Black Sheep Wall's first album in five years is shaping up to be one of the best releases of 2021. The band's catharsis is calculated, a kind of chaos that suggests their music is intended to translate as destructive and productive all in the same shot. Intelligent instrumentation combined with well-versed aggression offers a unique sophistication that music this hostile isn't accustomed to boasting.
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