Mandatory Jams: New music for the week of 2/26

Mandatory Jams: New music for the week of 2/26

- By Ramon Gonzales

New releases from Pupil Slicer, Show Me The Body, HEALTH's take on Northlane, and the black metal debut of Svalbard vocalist Serena Cherry.

Your weekly guide to what's worth streaming has arrived.

There was plenty of great music that dropped this week, showcasing the full spectrum of all that we love about heavy music. Whatever your preference - melodic, brutal, evil, emotional, the full range of alternative aggression is packaged into a convenient cheat sheet of what's new - right here.

Like every week we encourage you to crank these.

Summoning the Lich - "The Gatekeeper" (Prosthetic Records)

The first of an ambitious planned trilogy of albums chronicling the rise of the Lich and the fall of the Kingdom Rodorm, the narrative at the root of the Summoning the Lich's latest is said to take its inspirational cues from Lord of the Rings, Magic The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Adventure Time. All we know is, the resulting tracks on United In Chaos are heavy AF with "The Gatekeeper" serving as a prime example.

The Picturebooks featuring Dennis Lyxzen of Refused - "Here's to Magic" (Century Media Records)

The collaborative track from rock and roll wanderers in The Picturebooks functions like a track tailor-made for Refused vocalist Dennis Lyxzen's psychedelic rock debut. A potent, punchy trip that showcases the Lyxzen's versatility and the duo's smart songwriting, "Here's To Magic" is just that.

Pupil Slicer - "Interlocutor" (Prosthetic Records)

A fluid mesh of mathcore, grindcore, and death metal, London's trio in Pupil Slicer are making a compelling argument for a release of the year type effort with their forthcoming LP, Mirrors. Capturing the very real turmoil of a women grappling with suicidal thoughts, "Interlocutor" weighty theme matches it's volatile sound.

Hollow Front (featuring Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King) - "Falling Apart"(UNFD)

Anchored by ethereal instrumental melody contrasted with the fiery, fraught vocals of Fit For A King frontman Ryan Kirby, Hollow Front prove dynamic on their introspective single, "Falling Apart". The Michigan metalcore prospects are enjoying their quick rising stock with selections like this reiterating why the hype is real.

Show Me The Body - "Survive" (Loma Vista Recordings)

Modern NYC hardcore champions in Show Me The Body make heavy music that is bth sophisticated and raw simultaneously. They should be one of the bands presented when discussing the health of heavy music. Their latest, "Survive" is a confrontational jaunt that will certainly resonate with fans of all forms of aggressive music.

Tomahawk - "Dog Eat Dog" (Ipecac Recordings)

The convergence of Faith No More, Helmet, The Jesus Lizard, and Mr Bungle, naturally there is a going to be a bit of a weird factor involved. What should be noted is few, if any songs can feature actual whistling and still be heavy - unless these geniuses are involved. The track serves as the second sample ("Business Casual" dropped in January) from the band's first LP since 2013 in Tonic Immobility.

Of Mice & Men - "Anchor" (Sharptone Records)

The metalcore OGs wield a heavy stick on their Sharptone Records' debut. Rolling out a succession of singles from their 'Timeless" EP, "Anchor" offers the kind of hard-hitting hooks and sweeping melodies that can only come with songwriting skill and confidence.

Northlane - "Bloodline" (HEALTH remix) (UNFD)

Aussie metalcore crew Northlane announced a surprise remix EP and offered zero details about just who would be reimagining the tracks on the 5-song effort. The secrecy proved worth the wait as fans got a serving from LA-based aggressors HEALTH transforming the band's "Bloodline". The resulting reformulation is an outright banger.

Landmvrks - "Overrated" (Arising Empire)

Skipping the theatrics and the cinematic build up usually associated with metalcore, the French outfit strikes swift and deadly on their latest single. Though the band manages to incorporate that signature big hook, the bulk of the track is an all out assault complete with pummeling percussion, meaty guitars, and maniacal vocals.

Noctule - "Wretched Abyss" (Translation Loss Records)

The black metal altar ego of Svalbard vocalist Serena Cherry unveiled her dark debut with the title track for her 6-song project. The ominous track serves as the catalyst for the EP that was inspired by the role-playing computer game, Skyrim, and hot damn does it work brilliantly.

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