Mandatory Jams: Required listening for 5/7

Mandatory Jams: Required listening for 5/7

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream new tunes from Howard Jones' project Light The Torch, post metal heavyweights Amenra, plus new essentials from Andrew W.K., HEALTH's collaboration with Nine Inch Nails, and the G59 Records debut of Night Lovell.

Another week has drawn to a close and that means another collection of quality tunes from a vast array of artists that are moving the needle in aggressive music. Stylistically, no two tracks are really similar in that the subgenre spectrum veers from hardcore to doom, shoegaze to alternative hip hop.

What does seem consistent throughout each of the selections in this week's offering is the intensity at which each of these cultural contributors is operating - with not one phoning it in. Each artist represented is making a compelling case to be among the best in their category, all while smashing the confines of category at the same time.

Quality music coming at you - crank these.

Cage Fight - "Hope Castrated"

Formed just this year, Cage Fight pools together James Monteith of TesseracT, former Eths vocalist Rachel Aspe, Jon Reid of London hardcore outfit Broken Chakra, and Nick Plews of London death-metal bands Corpsing and Aghast. The meld of stylistic backgrounds makes for skilled showing of no-frills, thrash-paced hardcore on the band's introductory assault in "Hope Castrated". The band is currently working on their debut album and judging by the first offering, the brutality will be delivered in bunches.

Light The Torch - "More Than Dreaming" (Nuclear Blast Records)

The second single from the band's June 25th release 'You Will Be The Death of Me' is another epic showing anchored by frontman Howard Jones' vocal command. A melting pot of punchy percussion, big melodies, and the kind of mountain top guitar solo to match Jones' soaring range make for another example the band's powerful presence.

Drown This City - "Borderline Existence" (UNFD)

Melbourne metalcore unit Drown This City take a confrontational look at their own personal demons on their latest album 'Colours We Won't Know'. The band cites the strict lockdown in Australia as part of what forced them to take such a personal approach to the new record, working through weighty emotional strife in their music. The result is what vocalist Alex Reade refers to as the "ultimate purge of darkness". The latest single from the album walks a fine line from the melancholy to the maniacal, with Reade's seamless transition from clean singing to guttural release. The album arrives May 28th.

Andrew W.K. - "I'm In Heaven" (Napalm Records)

Earlier this year, the pillar of PMA in Andrew W.K. announced he was officially signing to Napalm Records and shared a new single in "Babalon" to mark the occasion. This week, Andrew set a September 10th arrival date for his fifth album 'God Is Partying' and shared a second single in "I'm In Heaven" which showcases a very heavy side to charismatic talent. Read more about the release - HERE

HEALTH x Nine Inch Nails - "Isn't Everyone" (Loma Vista Recordings)

While working on compiling their collaboration tracks dating back to 2017 for DISCO4:: Part 1, noise rock collective HEALTH came to conclusion that it would be pretty awesome to work with Nine Inch Nails. A year later, the union has a beautifully ominous collaboration track to show for it. Read more about the release - HERE.

Bossk - "Menhir" (Deathwish)

Featuring guest vocals by Cult of Luna's Johannes Persson, the gargantuan six-minute track is towering show of cinematic post metal accented with hints of murky sludge that make for a pure trip in an aggressive track. The lead single will be featured on the band's sophomore album Migration, due out June 18. With guest spots from Palm Reader's Josh McKeown and experimental outfit Endon, this is the kind of record made with maximum volume in mind.

Comatose - "Skin" (Transcending Records)

Comprised of members of Fail to Decay and Chrome Waves, Comatose combine locomotive heft with ethereal vocals in what can best be described as a cross section of doom and shoegaze - think along the lines of bands like Deafheaven and NOTHING. The band's latest, "Skin," is a track that asserts the band's ability to make heavy music something vibrant and emotive without goofy emotional ploys. Not to mention, it's effortlessly heavy.

Inhuman Condition - "Euphoriphobia" (Listenable Insanity Records)

When your project consists of players that have spent time among the ranks of genre pillars like Obituary, Massacre, Six Feet Under and Death to name a few, you can bet the result is going to be brutal. The band's identity is backed by a death metal pedigree that dates back to the genre's heyday. Yet while the band flexes a skilled knack for the classics, their brand resonates equally fresh. Inhuman Condition's debut album arrives June 4th.

Amenra - "De Evenmens" (Relapse Records)

The lead single from the Relapse Records debut from post/doom metal masters Amenra is seriously terrifying. The eight-minute epic is an intimidating assertion of artistry that proves as chilling as a cinematic experience in its vivid audio quality. Superlatives just don't do this one justice. Amenra deliver the goods with this one.

Night Lovell - "I Know Your Ways" (G59 Records)

Making waves by signing to G59 Records, home to artists like $uicideboys, Shakewell, Ramirez, and Germ, Night Lovell's ominous style is on full display with his label debut in 'Just Say You Don't Care'. Skipping the theatrics and delivering darkness via subtle, fluid bars, Night Lovell's "I Know Your Ways" is an unsettling show of skill that resonates as menacing and moody on the track.

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