Megadeth launch exclusive NFT card packs

Megadeth launch exclusive NFT card packs

- By Ramon Gonzales

The extremely limited NFT card packs are based on artwork from the last 20 plus years of the Cyber Army, reimagined for the Wax Blockchain.

Currently in the thick of their first domestic tour since 2017 with The Metal Tour of the Year, thrash titans Megadeth have announced an extremely limited run of NFT craftable card packs.

Billed as the Megadeth Series 1, the collection of NFT cards take their design cues from the last 20 years of artwork from the Cyber Army and offer a premium collective for the most passionate of fans.

The exclusive packs go on sale on Friday, August 27 at 10AM PST and will be available to purchase for only 72 hours, or while supplies last. The card packs will be delivered after the transaction is complete and can be opened starting Monday, August 30 at 12PM PST. Cyber Army members will get exclusive pre-sale access to a limited number of All Access and General Admission card packs available starting on August 26 at 12PM PST. A credit card or PayPal and a Wax Wallet will be required for all purchases.

The two packages offered for this first series include,

All Access Pack: Limited to just 1,500, the All Access-tier NFT card pack features complete sets of 10 Collector Craftable Cards, a set of four Rare Craftable Cards, one Challenge Craftable Collector’s NFT Card, and one exclusive physical commemorative Collector Challenge Coin which will only be minted once.

General Admission Pack): With only 2500 bing offered, the General Admission card pack includes five pre-minted craftable cards.

The Challenge Cards that come with the All Access tier add an element of interaction and real-world utility to the NFT experience. These cards can be redeemed at various times for ultra rare NFTs that will not be available for purchase. Additional digital Challenge Cards can be earned by by fans by crafting cards across each of the rarity levels. Among the rarest of the NFT cards include Dave Msutaine's 'Signature' card of which only 375 were minted. The probability of scoring this card in the pack is especially rare, but a huge score for a very lucky fan.

For complete details and a breakdown of the amount of cards minted, their probability and rarity as well as purchase information visit Megadeth online - HERE.

Megadeth is currently on The Metal Tour of the Year run with Lamb Of God, Trivium and Hatebreed. Dates and tickets can be accessed - HERE

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