Netflix is currently testing a shuffle feature

Netflix is currently testing a shuffle feature

- By Ramon Gonzales

The streaming giant is aiming to help indecisive viewers.

Initially reported by TechCrunch, Netflix has rolled out the second wave of testing for a future 'shuffle' feature.

As reported by Variety, the streaming service conducted testing of a 'random episode' feature in 2019. Designed for episodic series like 'The Office" or "Parks and Recreation" the feature allowed viewers to enjoy programming for shows that didn't need to follow a chronological rollout.

As fo the shuffle feature, viewers will find the option in three different places on the platform. The button will be located underneath the profile icons on the start up screen, on the home screen of a user’s profile in the billboard section; or on the sidebar TV menu.

The feature utilizes previous viewing history to make an educated selection as to what the viewer would like to watch. Currently the feature is only being tested in TV-connected devices.
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