Netflix shares first look at college admission scandal documentary: 'Operation Varsity Blues'

Netflix shares first look at college admission scandal documentary: 'Operation Varsity Blues'

- By Ramon Gonzales

From the filmmakers behind the Fyre Festival documentary comes an in-depth examination of the real-life scandal of privilege and corruption that rocked higher learning and resulted in dozens of criminal convictions.

It has been two years since the world of higher education and collegiate culture were rocked with an admissions scandal unlike any other.

Chris Smith and John Karmen, the filmmakers behind the Netflix Fyre documentary have returned with a thorough examination and a creative retelling of the many "side doors" of Rick Singer and his black book of wealthy clients.

Told via first-hand testimonials, interview footage, and reenactments of actual events from the participants based on FBI wire taps, the feature's central figure, Rick Singer, is played by Stranger Things' Matthew Modine.

Functioning as the role of the fixer, Singer orchestrated a complex system of side-stepping college admission requirements and devised unscrupulous ways to get the children of wealthy parents into college - for a price. Scamming the system, the proliferation of false information to dupe college admissions requirements became headlining news when several high-profile participants were eventually named - including actresses Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman.

In the wake of the scandal, dozens of convictions were executed of wealthy parents paying to scam the system. Rick Singer himself pleaded guilty to charges against him and despite his cooperation with authors that resulted in several convictions, he is still facing 65 years in prison.

Operation Varsity Blues arrives on Netflix starting March 17th. Watch the trailer below.
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