New Flesh 11/17: Releases From Racetraitor, Post Profit, Dogma & More!

New Flesh 11/17: Releases From Racetraitor, Post Profit, Dogma & More!

- By Cori Westbrook

From metallic hardcore to technically-executed death thrash, get the rundown of this week's prime cuts.

Dive into this week’s exhilarating mix of new music releases! We're covering a spectrum of genres, from the enigmatic depths of atmospheric black metal to the technical prowess of death metal and the raw edge of hardcore. Join us as we explore these fresh soundscapes, each offering a unique auditory adventure.

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist.

Aeon Winds – Night Sky Illuminations (Atmospheric Black Metal)

Aeon Winds' Night Sky Illuminations is a majestic journey through mythical landscapes. With its powerful, hymnic songs, the album captures the essence of pre-Christian mythology and the enchanting Carpathian sceneries, making it a masterpiece in atmospheric black metal.

Get your copy HERE.

Alchemy Of Flesh – By Will Alone (Death Metal)

Alchemy Of Flesh revives the raw intensity of '90s death metal in By Will Alone. The album's aggressive sound and visceral energy pay homage to the era while injecting a fresh, modern vigor.

Get your copy HERE.

Bewitcher – Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves… (Blackened Speed Metal)

Celebrating a decade of “Black Magick Metal,” Bewitcher's Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves is a testament to their mastery. The collection showcases their evolution with remastered originals, unreleased tracks, and new material, solidifying their position as leaders in blackened speed metal.

Get your copy HERE.

Condemned – Daemonium (Brutal Death Metal)

Daemonium by Condemned is a brutal onslaught of death metal at its most intense. The album's punishing riffs and unyielding ferocity make it a standout in the brutal death metal genre.

Get your copy HERE

Dogma – Dogma (Melodic Metal)

Dogma's self-titled album is a unique blend of melody, ideology, and chaos. This all-woman band transforms hard rock and metal into a mysterious, melodic cult, delivering a compelling and empowering listening experience.

Get more HERE

Post Profit – Self Defeater EP (Post-Hardcore/Alternative)

Post Profit's Self Defeater EP is a dynamic exploration of post-hardcore and alternative sounds. The band's emotional depth and sonic versatility shine, offering a fresh and engaging experience for listeners.

Get more HERE.

Racetraitor – Creation And The Timeless Order Of Things (Metallic Hardcore)

Racetraitor's Creation And The Timeless Order Of Things is a fierce return to the band's hardcore roots. Its unapologetically political stance and boundary-pushing sound reaffirm their legendary status in metallic hardcore.

Get your copy HERE.

Sadus – The Shadow Inside (Technical Death Metal/Thrash)

Sadus' The Shadow Inside seamlessly combines technical death metal with thrash elements. The album's intricate musicianship and intense energy showcase the band's technical prowess, making it a standout in the genre.

Get your copy HERE.

Texas In July - Without Reason (Metalcore)

Texas In July's Without Reason EP melds heavy, riff-driven metalcore with soaring choruses and dreamy melodies. The band's collaboration with producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio shines through, offering a bold and innovative sound that reaffirms their status in the metal scene.

Get your copy HERE.

Also out this week…

Acrolysis – Revolution (Self)
Aeternus – Philosopher (Agonia)
Aglo – Build Fear (Brilliant Emperor)
Akersborg – Feelantropicoco (Vinter)
Angremost – Manga Lua Ordem Mistica (EAL)
Async Await – Irretrospective: Part 2 EP (Chameleons Risen)
Altars Of The Moon – The Colossus And The Widow (Disorder)
Bassoon – Succumbent (Nefarious)
Black 7 – The 2nd Chapter (Self)
Bloodphemy – Dawn Of Malevolence (Non Serviam)
Bull Elephant – The Long War (Eat Lead And Die)
Buried Souls – Zone 63 EP (Self)
Cabrakaän – Aztlan (Self)
Carcinoid – Encomium To Extinction (Headsplit)
Care Of Night – Reconnected (Frontiers)
Celeste – Epilogue(s) EP (Nuclear Blast)
Ceremonial Bloodbath – Genesis Of Malignant Entropy (Sentient Ruin)
Chained To The Dead – Discography Of Debauchery (HPGD)
Client/Server – Hexentanz With No End (Self)
Corroded – Plague (Despotz)
The Crown Remnant – Rise Of The Wicked King (Sliptrick)
Cruel Fate – Destin Cruel (Personal)
Cyan – Pictures From The Other Side (Self)
Dead Cosmonauts – Parasomnia (Trepnation)
Death’s Head And The Space Illusion – Luc-II-Farul (Inverse)
Deliquesce – Cursed With Malevolence (Daze)
DGM – Life (Frontiers)
Diabolic Night – Beneath The Crimson Prophecy (High Roller)
DownShift – One In The Chamber (Self)
Draconian – Pestilence (Inner Wound)
Dyssebeia – Garden Of Stillborn Idols (Transcending Obscurity)
Earthside – Let The Truth Speak (Music Theories)
Eldritch – Innervoid (Scarlet)
Elitist – A Merge Of Grandeur (Indisciplinarian)
En Finir – Resigne (Malpermesita)
Exulansis – Hymns Of Collapsing (Bindrune)
Exulansis – Overtures Of Uprising (Bindrune)
Fellahin Fall – Urbana EP (Self)
Foetal Juice – Grotesque (Gore House)
Furnace Floor – Furnace Floor EP (Dawnbreed)
Graven Sin – Veil Of The Gods (Svart)
Gridfailure – Shards In The Wire EP (Self)
Gut Ripper – Necrowork (CDN)
Harbinger Of Storms – All Of The Stars Are Dead (Syrup Moose)
Harmagedon – Dystopian Dreams (Svart)
Hell Gate – Vagues d’Amertume (Music)
Hell’s Addiction – 9 O’Clock Horses (Weapon)
The Holy Nothing – Vol. 1: A Profound And Nameless Fear EP (Self)
Hyperia – The Serpent’s Cycle (Self)
Icantdie – Errors EP (Self)
Infection Code – Sulphur (Time To Kill)
Jason Blake – Slightly Different Paths (Self)
King – Fury And Death (Soulseller)
The Last Eon – Infernal Fractality (Soulseller)
Litha – Litha (Tartarus)
Macabre Demise – Grave(y)art Gallery (Rebirth The Metal)
Mephorash – Krystl-AH (Shadow)
Messier 16 – death Poems (Self)
Miara – Hungering Inside (Inverse)
Mmth – Infinite Heights (Poly Unique)
Mormant De Snagov – Invocation Through Revocation (Wormholedeath)
Nail Within – Sound Of Demise (Massacre)
Neurectomy – Overwrought (Self)
Obsidyen – Litany Of Iah (Drowning In Chaos)
Palehorse – Hunting Grounds (Indie)
Psychic Trash – Psychic Trash (RidingEasy)
Rank And Vile – Worship (Modern Grievance)
The Rattlebacks – Kink EP (Self)
The Refreshments – A Stiff One (Wild Kingdom)
Ritual Clearing – ,em>Penitence (Eternal Death)
Ritual King – The Infinite Mirror (Ripple)
Robots Of The Ancient World – 3737 (Small Stone)
Sadhus The Smoking Community – Illegal Sludge (Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oug)
San Leo – Aves Raras (Bronson)
Savage Blood – Wheel Of Time (MDD)
Signum Regis – Undivided (Ulterium)
Soars – Repeater (Pelagic)
Soledriver – Return Me To Light (Frontiers)
Solothurn – Servitude EP (Self)
Suffocate Faster – This Is The Way Vol. 2 EP (Smartpunk)
Temic – Terror Management Theory (Season Of Mist)
Terromania – Nyctophobic (Ripple)
Texas In July – Without Reason EP (Equal Vision)
Vansind – Mørket (Mighty)
Venus – Obscured Until Observed (Xtreem)
Wicked Smile – Night Time Riders EP (Self)
Wind Walkers – What If I Break? (Self)
You Should Smile More Often – You Should Smile More Often EP (Self)

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