New Flesh 12/1: Releases from Full Of Hell/Nothing, Cryptosis & More!

New Flesh 12/1: Releases from Full Of Hell/Nothing, Cryptosis & More!

- By Cori Westbrook

Columnist Cori Westbrook compiles a weekly list of essential releases spanning the full spectrum of extreme music.

From the haunting depths of gothic metal to the electrifying riffs of heavy metal, and from the intricate complexities of progressive death metal to the raw energy of deathcore, this week's selection promises a diverse auditory journey. We also explore the atmospheric realms of blackgaze and blackened death metal, alongside the innovative soundscapes of experimental and progressive metal.

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist.

Bjørkø – Heartrot (Gothic Metal)

Bjørkø's Heartrot is a mesmerizing journey through the depths of extreme gothic metal. The album masterfully blends haunting melodies with heavy riffs, creating a unique soundscape that is both eerie and captivating. A must-listen for fans of the genre.

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Cobra Spell – 666 (Heavy Metal)


666 by Cobra Spell is a heavy metal triumph. The album boasts powerful vocals, electrifying guitar solos, and a rhythmic intensity that keeps you headbanging from start to finish. It's a refreshing homage to classic heavy metal with a modern twist.

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Cryptosis – The Silent Call EP (Progressive Death Metal/Thrash)

Cryptosis' The Silent Call EP is a masterful blend of progressive death metal and thrash. The technical proficiency displayed in each track is astounding, with complex rhythms and fierce riffs. An exhilarating EP that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

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Extortionist – Devoid EP (Deathcore)

Extortionist's Devoid EP is a ruthless and intense experience. The band delivers a powerful performance, combining brutal breakdowns with guttural vocals. This EP is a testament to the raw and unrelenting spirit of deathcore.

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Full Of Hell and Nothing – When No Birds Sang (Blackgaze)


In When No Birds Sang, Full Of Hell and Nothing merge the worlds of black metal and shoegaze to create a mesmerizing blackgaze journey. The album is both atmospheric and intense, offering a unique and immersive listening experience.

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Helfró – Tálgröf (Blackened Death Metal)


Tálgröf by Helfró is a relentless assault of blackened death metal. The album is packed with ferocious energy, dark atmospheres, and aggressive melodies that capture the essence of the genre. A dark and powerful release.

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Panopticon – The Rime Of Memory (Atmospheric Black Metal)

Panopticon's The Rime Of Memory is a breathtaking work of atmospheric black metal. The album is an epic journey through haunting soundscapes, blending raw black metal elements with ambient and folk influences. An unforgettable and emotive experience.

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Plini - Mirage (Experimental)

Plini's Mirage showcases a fusion of styles, creating a rich tapestry of sound that is both innovative and captivating. Each track offers a different musical exploration, making Mirage a thrilling listen.

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Unprocessed – And Everything In Between (Progressive/Alternative Metal)


And Everything In Between by Unprocessed is a progressive metal gem. The album artfully combines technical skill with creative songwriting, resulting in a diverse and dynamic listening experience. A standout album for fans of progressive and alternative metal.

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Also out this week…

Abduction – Toutes Blessent, la Dernière Tue (Finisterian Dead End)
Abyssal Rift – Extirpation Dirge (Sentient Ruin)
Abyss Of Hel – Into The Abyss (MDD)
Aggression – Frozen Aggressors (Massacre)
Aphelium Aeternum – Dark Interstellar Mysteries (Dominance Of Darkness) (Self)
Axenstar – Chapter VIII (Inner Wound)
Beyondition – Abysmal Night (Chaos)
Beyond This Earth – Portraits Of The Absurd (Self)
Binary Order – The Future Belongs To The Mad (Self)
Black Reuss – Arrival (Self)
Buried Shallow – Buried Shallow EP (Self)
Cash Bribe – Escape From New York EP (Fanxdangxo)
Codeseven – Go Let It In (Equal Vision)
The Company Corvette – Little Blue Guy (Strange Mono)
Demoncy – Black Star Gnosis (Dark Descent)
Demons Of Noon – Death Machine (Evil Feast)
Dethroned – A Bridge To Eternal Darkness (Dominance Of Darkness)
Disorientation – Survival Mode EP (Self)
Dune Pilot – Magnetic (Argonauta)
Embrace Your Punishment – Made Of Stone (Lacerated Enemy)
Ensemble 1 – Delay Works (Halfmeltedbrain)
Ett Dödens Maskineri – Kulturkriget (Suicide)
Fierce Justice – Fireborn
Flames Of Fire – Our Blessed Hope (Melodic Passion)
Gilded Form – Gilded Form (Burning World)
Grau – Abseits Des Lichts (Tragedy)
Hani Abadi – Tiamat (Self)
Hatred Reigns – Awaken The Ancients (Self)
Heimdalls Wacht – Mystagogie (Trollzorn)
Immortal Guardian – Unite And Conquer (Massacre)
Into Darkness – Cassini – Huygens EP (Invictus)
Kong – Traders Of Truth (Sliptrick)
Malicious – Merciless Storm EP (Invictus)
Mind Control – Elements (Self)
Necronemesis – Warfield Forever EP (HPGD)
Ni – Fol Nais (Dur & Doux)
Nornir – Skuld (Northern Silence)
Oldest Sea – A Birdsong, A Ghost (Darkest)
Oro – Vid Vägs Ände (Hammerheart)
Paradise Lost – Icon 30 (Nuclear Blast)
Pharm – The Tower EP (Self)
Reap – Born From Plague (Selfmadegod)
Robben Ford – Night In The City (earMusic)
Ron Coolen & Keith St John – Here To Stay (Self)
Rubber Tea – From A Fading World (Tonzonen)
Skiltron – Bruadarach (Trollzorn)
Soulprison – Lucid Nightmare EP (Blood Blast)
Stilleklang – Tranen Der Vergangenheit Pt. II (The Crawling Chaos)
Super Pink Moon – Inertia (Self)
Swansong – Awakening (Noble Demon)
Thunraz – Borderline (Self)
Varathron – The Crimson Temple (Agonia)
Visions Of Atlantis – A Pirate’s Symphony (Napalm)
Voice Of Ruin – Cold Epiphany (Self)
Walking Corpse – Our Hands, Your Throat (Transcending Obscurity)
Yermo – Yermo (Negre Plany)

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