New Flesh: Releases from Infected Rain, Wilderun & More!

New Flesh: Releases from Infected Rain, Wilderun & More!

- By Corinne Westbrook

The first week of releases in 2022 showcases new entries ranging from grindcore to power metal, trash to progressive.

Kicking off the new year with a myriad of releases for pretty much everyone. If this is any indication, 2022 is going to be another lush year for releases.

Apes – Lullabies For Eternal Sleep EP - Grindecore

Not the lullaby we all deserved, but the lullaby we all needed to kick off 2022 with absolute ferocity. This death metal infused grindecore eviscerator offers up a healthy dose of nihilism and misanthropy, and is just devastatingly heavy as it crosses genre boundaries without care. Apes looked at extremity and just simply said “YES!”

Pick up your copy HERE.

Infected Rain – Ecdysis - Progressive Groove Metal

Synthy, groovy, ferocious, and all the things in between, Infected Rain are a force to be reckoned with. Their highly anticipated 5th album is poised to be one of the breakout albums of the year. The rhythm is progressive without losing its catchiness, the vocals are balanced and emotive, the melodies captivating - this is just one of THOSE albums - give it a spin or 10.

Pick up your copy HERE.

Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaws Stand - Death/Thrash

Nocturnal Graves stand true ot their name on this heavy hitting, but very bleak, trashy album that crosses the barriers between black metal, death metal and thrash. There is a little something for all fans of the all out bash fest that is those genres.

Pick up your copy HERE.

Power Paladin – With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel - Power Metal

I would be remiss in not including something at least a LITTLE bit fun to kick off the new year. Power Paladin is, as you probably guessed, playing fantasy infused power metal akin to DragonForce in style, but with wizards and dragons and stuff. Seriously, just kick back and enjoy this romp with the elves. Also suitable for a fast hitting montage wherein you need to become an expert swordfighter.

Pick up your copy HERE.

Seven Nines And Tens – Over Opiated In A Forest Of Whispering Speakers - Post-Rock

I haven’t forgotten, it's still winter and we still need some chill moments (pun intended). This relaxing little diddy is the third full-length from Vancouver-based post/rock metal outfit Seven Nines And Tens and is perfect for a long rainy drive or just chilling at home.

Pick up your copy HERE.

Wilderun – Epigone - Progressive Metal

Ethereal and spacey with elements of progressive, black, and folk metal, Wilderun have created an odyssey of an album. The borderline power metal vocals at times, create a certain level of ambiance not always present in more progressive albums. This album is one to take your time and digest.

Pick up your copy HERE.

Also dropping today...

  • At The Movies – The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 1 Re-Release (Atomic Fire)
  • At The Movies – The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 2 (Atomic Fire)
  • Bong Wizard - Vulgar Display of Flower (Self-released)
  • Carnation – Galaxy Studio Sessions (Season of Mist)
  • Carr Jam 21 – Can You Feel It EP (Self)
  • Chalk Portraits - Welcome Home (Self-released)
  • Culak – Holy Tempest (Self)
  • Darkened – Mourn The Dying Light EP (Edged Circle)
  • Deaf Club – Productive Disruption (Three One G)
  • Despised Icon – Consumed By Your Poison Re-Release (Century Media)
  • Despised Icon – The Healing Process Re-Release (Century Media)
  • Ghost Creek - II (Self-released)
  • The Grasshopper Lies Heavy/Woorms – Various Plants And Animals Under Domestication Split (Forbidden Place)
  • Helleruin/De Gevreesde Ziekte – Invincible/Ω Split (Babylon Doom Cult)
  • Infected Rain – Ecdysis (Napalm)
  • Kontact – First Contact EP (Self)
  • Necrophagous – In Chaos Ascend (Transcending Obscurity)
  • Needless – The Cosmic Cauldron (Uprising)
  • Nihility – Beyond Human Concepts (Vicious Instinct)
  • Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaws Stand (Season Of Mist)
  • Oar – The Blood You Crave (Blighttown)
  • Omhosten – Music Of The Great Beyond (Kvlt und Kaos)
  • Orsak: Oslo – Skimmer/Wemod (Kapitan Platte)
  • Power Paladin – With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel (Atomic Fire)
  • Saraksh – Moloch EP (Self)
  • Seven Nines And Tens – Over Opiated In A Forest Of Whispering Speakers (Willowtip)
  • Sothorsis – Wpiekłowstąpienie (More Hate)
  • Tygers Of Pan Tang – A New Heartbeat EP (Mighty)
  • V/Haze Miasma – Nebula EP (Supreme Chaos)
  • Wilderun – Epigone (Century Media)
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