On Wednesdays We Wear Black joins the Knotfest podcast network

On Wednesdays We Wear Black joins the Knotfest podcast network

As an important voice within alternative culture, hosts Sophie K and Yasmine Summan of the award-winning podcast On Wednesdays We Wear Black have cultivated and nurtured a dedicated following with their unique brand of candor.

The conversational series finds an intersection of sex, racism, music and subculture in a way that confronts heady talking points with a sense of honesty and humor. Earning a 2022 Heavy Music Award in the Best Podcast category, the potency of the duo is evident given their devout fanbase and their ever-increasing reach with listeners from all walks.

Championing women and the non-binary community without pandering, Sophie and Yasmine have helped to diversify the space with a platform that dares to address topics that often go unspoken or worse, censored.

It's that renegade spirit and true sense of self-awareness that makes On Wednesdays We Wear Black the latest addition to the Knotest podcast network. Joining the likes of Hardlore: Stories from Tour and She's With the Band, OWWWB will bolster the Knotfest podcast programming with regular episodes powered by the multimedia platform.

To celebrate the union, Sophie and Yasmine will be out at Face Down London for an Emo Party that includes special guest DJs a live set from emerging aggressors, Graphic Nature. See the info below.

Find a complete archive of episodes of On Wednesdays Wear Black - HERE

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