Rob Zombie gets animated for his new series 'Zombie Interviews Zombie'

Rob Zombie gets animated for his new series 'Zombie Interviews Zombie'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Teaming with his wife Sheri Moon Zombie, the animated short features a conversation between the two regarding his latest album, 'The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy'

Devising a unique way of promoting his latest full length LP, 'The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy,' Rob Zombie has teamed with this wife Sheri Moon Zombie to launch an series of animated series of shorts called, 'Zombie Interviews Zombie'.

For the first installment in the series, Sheri explores her husband's routine of crafting very elaborate title for his musical projects.

In an excerpt from the animated interview, Zombie details his headspace when it comes to titling his work.

“I guess seriously, I like to try to think of an album title that you’ve never heard before. Even though it’s probably one that you can’t remember. ‘Cause nothing bothers me more than when I see the same title on multiple records, like ‘c’mon man, there’s a lot of words out there.’ And I don’t just string crazy stuff together even though it sounds like it—maybe I do, but I spend a long time on the title and it changes constantly.

Like as I’m recording…. When I first start the record I don’t know what anything is going to be called, I don’t know what’s gonna sound like. And then as the record starts forming, I start coming up with multiple titles, or ideas for titles. And then by the time the records done, I usually have what I think might be the title.

But then everyone’s like ‘What’s the title?’ ‘What’s the title?’ ‘I don’t know yet.’—Even though I do know. And then I start messing around the artwork, and then I’ll change the title again because I’m like, oh, now that doesn’t look like that, and it doesn’t fit. So as random as it may all seem. I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out.

And, you know, hopefully it does, when you’re done listening to the record what may sound like nonsense before you hear the music, after you’ve heard all the music, you can think to yourself, Well, of course, the only thing this album could have been called is 'The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy'.”

Zombie's seventh studio album and his first in five years, arrives on March 12th via Nucleat Blast Records and is available for pre-order - HERE

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