Slipknot introduces limited edition Iowa Anniversary Whiskey

Slipknot introduces limited edition Iowa Anniversary Whiskey

- By Ramon Gonzales

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the seminal release of the band's sophomore album, Slipknot continues their creative partnership with Cedar Ridge Distillery.

Ahead of Slipknot's grand homecoming spectacle in Knotfest Iowa, the band has again teamed with the award-winning purveyor of spirits in Cedar Ridge Distillery to produce a limited edition anniversary bottle of their in-demand Slipknot Whiskey.

Emblazoned with the band's iconic Iowa album artwork, the whiskey is a living tribute to both contributing collectives' shared Iowan roots. Made with homegrown Iowa corn touting a flavor profile that is sweet and spicy. the finished product clocks in at bold 90% proof. Equal parts blue-collar backbone and premium spirit sophistication, Slipknot's whiskey is robust sipper that conveys the quality synonymous with both Slipknot and Cedar Ridge.

A blend of 3-4 yr. old straight rye and straight bourbon mashed, fermented, distilled and aged at the Cedar Ridge Distillery, Slipknot percussionist and creative architect Shawn 'clown' Crahan worked with distillers to perfect the final product in a way that best represents his love for the art and achieves the high quality standard associated with all things Slipknot.

Combining the band's whiskey with the era-defining Iowa artwork, the limited edition bottle raises the bar, coming in a potent 103 proof while retaining the nuanced balance of flavor. Each bottle features the ubiquitous goat that graced the 2001 album that birth some of the band's most enduring anthems including, "Left Behind," "The Heretic Anthem," and "Disasterpiece". Much like the album, the limited edition bottle of Slipknot whiskey is crafted to age well.

Available in limited quantity, the Iowa anniversary bottles will be available for purchase at Knotfest Iowa and for those who cannot make the trek, via the Cedar Ridge Distillery webstore. The bottle is going for $59.99 and there is a Iowa Whiskey + Poster Bundle running $84.99 featuring the label artwork that bridges both the album and the whiskey.

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