Slipknot relive the madness of their UK television debut and Corey Taylor's maniacal vocal recording on Iowa with third mini-doc

Slipknot relive the madness of their UK television debut and Corey Taylor's maniacal vocal recording on Iowa with third mini-doc

- By Ramon Gonzales

The classic footage from the band features the historic TFI Friday performance and a fly-on-the-wall look at Slipknot in the studio during the Iowa recording sessions.

Slipknot continue to venture into their archives in a succession of video releases from the band's personal footage that showcase their meteoric rise to the heights of heavy culture.

For the third installment of the series of documentary-style releases, the latest 15-minute short relives the band's landmark UK television debut on TFI Friday - a heavy music milestone that has become part of the lore of Slipknot.

The unique vantage point shows Slipknot in the thick of their self-titled charge and well on their way to becoming an international phenomenon - as evidenced by the rabid response of the in-studio audience for the fiery television performances of their now classic, "Wait and Bleed".

The footage also documents the fans adulation of the band after the set, with the most passionate Slipknot followers following the band out into the street for photos and autographs. The clip provides an interesting epilogue to an especially important moment not just in the evolution of Slipknot, but a milestone performance that has since endured.

The short also includes personal footage from the band's recording sessions for their seminal sophomore album, Iowa. Providing an intimate look at the atmosphered during the making of the record, fans can see clips of Sid cutting up on the turntables while tracking "Disasterpiece" and the recently departed Joey Jordison deliver a pummeling performance from behind his drum kit.

The visual short wraps with a voiceover from clown setting the scene during Iowa's most powerful studio time during Corey Taylor's tracking of the closer in the album’s title track. clown describes what he witnessed with a kind of reverence that is indicative of how important that moment was, saying he watched his friend "go to a place" mentally and physically while recording such powerful vocals.

Interspersed with footage from the classic and contemporary eras of the band and set to the track "Scissors" from self-titled album, the latest look into the archives of the band provides an illuminating snapshot of band's unpredictable ascension and their continued domination.

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